So much for everyday...

Ahhhh...where does the time go?

I seem to be wondering all the time what have I done. It's such a
waste of time! To be wondering how I've spent my time. I consciously
make an effort not to waste my time but end up still not having enough
hours in the day.

How nice it would be to be a tai tai. I know I used to think that I'd
die of boredom having nohing to do but there are so many books to
read! I know tht won't keep me going but at least that's a good part
of the day! (That is, if it's a good book).

The other thing is possibly doing something arty. I've been meaning to
learn the flute for ages. 8 years ago (surely it must have been that
long), I used my 1st ever bonus to buy a flute (and no, this has
nothing to do with band camp & American Pie) & vow to take lessons
every year.

& every year, it gets put back on to the to do list for the year.

*sigh* My poor, lonely, unused flute...

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ninja of bees said...

yup... as i told my boss today (e-maillah... still on maternity leave) i sometimes wish i was still eight when a minute felt like hours!