12 September...

Not much longer to go.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Let me know if you want to meet up guys, I can't wait!!!

List of things to do:
1) Wedding...
2) Find dress for wedding...
3) Meet up with the guys from school...FGM, we need to go mamak!!! And can you have Sakae Sushi? Maggie, are you guys up for breakfast? Is that place in Centrepoint still there? Binx, I wanna see all your wedding photos!
4) Meet up with ex-work gang...Pugly, ice-cream ice-cream ice-cream!!! And uncle! I wanna see how big Kimberley is...
5) Meet with the Gang...Izso, Johny, Naz and all...can we tee up a time to get the whole group together??? Must get in touch with Serene...
6) Check up on new additions...(babies, babies and more babies!)...Danny, you're on the list!
7) Get my hair done for the wedding...to curl or not to curl, that is the question.
8) Do research on Koh Samui to figure out what to do and where to go...
9) Get some shopping done...need to get some work clothes!
10) Spend some time relaxing...and eating...and relaxing...endless holiday cycle! Nice...
11) Visit bro's new place and check out what everyone's been raving about.
12) Not think about work and live in the moment of my holiday...*bliss*...

That sounds like a good list, no?


If you're happy and you know it just MoO!!!



Just an interlude to say


Can't wait for pictures, I'm sure she's perfect.



School seems like such a long time ago. And yet, I still remember my SPM examination number. I also remember pulling late nighters, skipping Additional Maths (coz' I absolutely sucked at it), getting my IRC nick at school (I had a cold and turned up in this oversized white jumper and got called 'skimo) and other such memorable times.

How I wish that I wasn't in such a hurry to grow up.

Today was one of those days that I wish I had just not turned up for work. It just sucked so badly that on a scale of 1 to 10, it was -100! Ever since the new boss came to our department on secondment, I've just been miserable. Is it me? Is it my resistence to change?

I've never cried over a job before so having done it twice in the last 2 weeks to me, is drastic. What's worse is that I did it today, in front of him. I'm still kicking myself because I have told myself that I will never, EVER be a woman at work. I'll never be weak and cry and show any sort of soft emotions. I will never let my gender stand between me and what I want.

And I failed.

I've always enjoyed what I do and I'm always really good at my job. I've never been in a position like this before. And I hate it. I hate that forever more, he's going to remember this and hold it against me. I hate that the whole office knows that I let him get to me. And I hate that I feel this way.

I've never been like this before. Everyone who knows me knows how happy and cheerful I always am. And people always count on me to be positive...and cheerful. Its been awhile since I've lived up to 'Sunshine'...

Can someone tell me when its going to stop pouring? When will I become a better person because of this? When will it stop to hurt, like the splinter under my skin that just won't come out?