When I have kids...

I'm sitting on the train, facing a girl who can't be any older than 16
(I'd venture even to say 14!) who's sitting down, playing with what
appears to be an iPhone.

Dang! What did I have, techwise, at 14, that I coul carry around? A
personal CD player. And that was more due to my music classes than
actually getting what I wanted. It's funny, I still remember having a
great need to have Doc Marten boots. They were all the craze back
then, & I still want a pair now!

But anyway, I digress. Society nowadays are equipping kids with stuff
that's pretty techy and pretty expensive. You hear stories of Asian
kids being sent to study with a million bucks in their bank account
for a place and a car. And the one who switches cars every other week
and has personalized number plates.

What are parents really equipping their kids with? What value are they
going to be placing on hard work when money comes so easily to them?
What's going to happen when mummy & daddy leave them & they need to be
able to manage the family business?

You can say that there's probably a minority of kids born with the
silver spoon in their mouth who do end up appreciating money and stuff
and I say kudos to their parents. But we all know that it happens less
than the look-at-all-the-stuff-I-have kid.

& it's not like hubby & I are rolling on moolah (I wish!) but
sometimes I wonder...when we have kids, & if we ever became super rich
(we'll hit that lotto ticket one day!), what would we be like as

I would think that you would want to give the world to your kid...& then some.


the ninja of bees said...

i do think that parents use gadgets as a form of babysitting; let the PSP keep your kid occupied so you don't have to take your kid out to the park and you can relax with a cup of tea.

i myself have been guilty of this. switching on the tv for five minutes so bubba will be occupied... but now i've discovered that switching on the washing machine has the same affect. she seems to like watching the laundry goes round and round. :)

Izso said...

y u posting 2 of everything?