Perth traffic

I'm guessing that the moment someone who's been through Malaysian,
Indonesian, Thai (or any South East Asian nation) will laugh at that
subject. Perth traffic? Really?

As a matter of fact, yes, really. And there's nothing I hate more than
being in a traffic jam. Which is why Naz's comment about driving is
not going to work. That and also that its so not environmentally

In Malaysia, they increase the number of lanes. & thankfully, there's
enough space for them to do that. & because labour isn't as expensive
as it is here, the Malaysian Govt can pretty much not worry about road

In Perth, the freeway going North has only 2 lanes and has no capacity
for growth. On one hand, there's the train station an on the other,
there's housing development.

So what do we really need?

More trains. Lots more trains. We're already leaving to get to the
train station before 7:10 & the trains that we get on are packed like
sardines. You could argue that the LRTs are also packed like sardines
but you don't get winter in Malaysia. Everyone gets on with their
heavy coats/jackets coz it's so freezing cold outside & there's no
ventilation in the train. Perfect fainting conditions.

So what can I do? Whine and moan and tell everyone that they need to
have double story car parks so that more people can catch the
train...which should help produce revenue for train upkeep.

Now all the govt needs to do is buy us some trains first!!!

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naz said...

Look at those below you, not at those above. Think of us poor Malaysians, we're worse off :P