Lullaby: Baby NinJa

It's been a full day, NinJa's sleepy. Mummy will you sing me my
favourite lullaby?

"Somewhere over the rainbow,
Way up high.
There's a land that I heard of,
Once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow...
And the dreams...zzz...
Zzz...come true...zzzzz

Take me out to the ball game...

& take me out hubby did!

But not to a baseball game - over here, the main 'ball' game is footie. It's kinda a mix between rugby, handball and American touch. Season starts come winter & fans barrack for their favourite teams across the nation. Me, I've never been a big fan. But I've always wanted to experience a game. Just once.

& so when hubby announced that he had been offered free corporate box tickets to the game, I said yes! How much more fun would it be, sitting under cover, being served food and having a birds eye view on everything while soaking up the atmosphere?

& so that's what we did today. Along with 32,816 other people. With about 90% of the stadium dressed in purple.

The crowd was amazing. The game was full of "Oohhhh!"s and "Oowwww!"s and "Booo!"s and the ground & ball were all slippery from the drizzle. But the players didn't mind. & I was under shade so I didn't mind either.

My conclusions for the day?
1) The game's probably half an hour too long;
2) You need to start choosing a team; and
3) First game in a corporate box will spoil you for life. The food was great & the service was impeccable.

But definitely a true blue Aussie experience and I feel a bit more white for it. & when NinJa comes, it'll be something that we'll probably start doing - taking the kids out to the ball game.


Hot: Baby NinJa

Baby NinJa likes it hot, hot, HOT!

Eat more chilli mummy...and sambal...and curry...yum yum yum!!!


On Friday night, I fell asleep on the couch whilst reading a book. I tend to be doing that quite a bit, snuggled under the warmth of a blanket with the heater going. And I admit, it has been such a long week that I was exhausted by 8pm.

About 2 hours later, I woke up when hubby announced that he was turning in and tried to straighten my legs when shooting pains went through my left calf. It felt like a cramp but the pain was a hundred times more intense.

Thank God Hubby was there - he started to put pressure against my foot, bending it towards me. Every time he stopped, the pain would return. And it was so bad that I was starting to panic as I had never had leg cramps this bad ever before.

We tried the pressure, we tried rubbing that point, he helped me stand up to try and walk (which I could barely do without being in pain all over again) and then he knelt down and started massaging my calf. When he did that, I could feel like a *crik* in the muscle area that he was massaging. It felt like a littl' lump being slowly dissolved by his magic hands.

10 minutes later, life returned to normal. My mom had warned me that I would be getting cramps more often come the pregnancy but I couldn't believe how bad it was. And Hubby reckons he knows why it happened:

"You fell asleep cross legged and I thought that couldn't be comfortable but I didn't want to wake you up".

Bless. But I did say to straighten my legs the next time he sees this - I don't want to go through this again!!! Not without my knight in shinning armour there to rescue me!


Cheeky: Baby NinJa

*pop* *pop* *pop*

I wonder if mummy's wondering if that's a kick, punch or me blowing bubbles?

*pop* *pop* *POP*


Oh its been freezing!!! Not just the normal cold but nights and early mornings of 0 degrees. Now to some people, that's nothing. But not when you live in Perth.

We had our coldest month in 15 years this June and even people who've migrated from the US or UK complain that its freezing over here. I think it may be because Perth doesn't have the same heating technology as everywhere else and change here almost always never happens. No central heating, no floor heating (you have to rip your whole floor off if you want this installed and its not cheap!), no insulation in some homes.

All in all, an absolute *brrrrr* experience. But what happened last night just brought that home.

We went to an engagement party and because there was about 200 people, it was held outside. It was all well arranged but unfortunately, 2 of the heaters didn't end up working, leaving 2 remaining heaters to cover the entire backyard.

Even in our jackets and being relatively close to the heater, we were still cold. You could see littl' puffs of condensation form when people spoke. It was freezing...so we didn't end up staying very long as hubby was turning into a popsicle and I was feeling unwell so we left an hour after arriving...

So what else could go wrong? Our car runs over a nail as we're driving back home. Under a lone spotlight from this random building and me holding a littl' flashlight to shine on the tyre, the both of us are trying to change the back tyre whilst not freezing our asses off. Great motivation for hubby to get going as quickly as possible but these things take time and by the end of it, all I could think of was a nice hot fire.

True, when its cold, you can put layers on. But give me warmer weather any day. It takes less energy to cool yourself down than it does to get warm...and what more could you ask for than having a yummy cookies and cream ice cream (or gelato or sorbet!) on a hot sunny day whilst walking along the beach. Bliss...