Environmentalist: Baby NinJa

Mummy picked up my first ever set of diapers from the Post Office! I was excited! (So was Daddy, I could tell!)

I'm a green baby and I wanted cloth nappies so we got some MCNs - Modern Cloth Nappies. Mummy and Daddy saw some at the Baby Expo that they went to and got me a starter set of Pea Pods. Mind you, that set will probably last me a day! But at least I'm not going to be au naturale!

Aunty Jocelyn gave some suggestions too and I know that Mummy's thinking of getting another set so maybe, I'll be getting an addition to my wardrobe! Yeay! I can't wait...

Off with his you-know-what!

I get really annoyed when people act all nonchalant about a male dog misbehaving sexually. Yes, he may be an animal and yes, they have instincts but so do humans and they don't go humping anything that walks (most of the time. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule).

I was taking Kitt (one of our furkids) out for her walk (SAM was left behind coz' hubby couldn't come with me and with bub on the way, I can't manage 2 dogs) and because of her pulled muscle, was on the leash. We normally go to this field where the furkids have their furfriends that they meet and get along relatively well with (most of them anyway).

Anyway, we were halfway around the park when Kitt gets assaulted by this big American Bulldog. His name is Big Boy and usually SAM runs interference and distracts him before he can get anywhere close. Anyway, he ran up to Kitt and naturally, Kitt drops to the ground to provide the least amount of available area of attack. This mutt gets behind her, mounts her and starts humping away!!!

Now the owner of this dog is generally close by but on this day, he was on his phone and very distracted. Here I am, trying to pull Kitt away and get rid of his dog and he's sitting down, chatting away. A few shoos and tugs later, he realises what's going on and shouts at his dog. The mutt then starts rambling off towards his owner, reluctant to leave his prey.

After this whole ordeal, poor Kitt is cowering, staying close to me, and his owner doesn't even have the decency to say "Sorry". He continues on his phone conversation and when we pass says "Hi little doggy" repeatedly then continues with his phone conversation. In my head I'm thinking "WTF? Is that supposed to make my dog feel better? How'd you like it if that happened to you and someone said "Hey littl' man"? repeatedly?"

Oh it makes me so angry to think that he thinks he can allow his big, ugly mutt to come up to my poor littl' doggy and do whatever he wants to her. If that dog was a human, he'd be in jail by now. And if it were up to me, so would his owner! I'd have that mutt's instruments removed from his body and hung out to dry, and his owner's too right next to it. That'd teach them a lesson!


Mobile: Baby NinJa

Guess what?

I'll give you a clue. *Wheels*...

I'll give you another one. *Have wheels will go places*.

No ideas? I've got my own set of wheels now! So I'm all ready to go places *grin*. Grandpa and grandma on daddy's side bought me my ride. My bassinet changes directions and I've got inflatable wheels that go really fast and it looks really cool! Pity it doesn't come in red but it looks really cool and has a stand that rocks (literally! I can get rocked to sleep anywhere that stand goes - yeah!)!

Now...where to first...the park? The shops? Paris maybe? Who knows? Look out world, I'm zooming by soon!


We're trying to get the house in order to fit a kid in. Everyone says that we really don't need much room for a baby but if we're going to do this, we may as well do this right. So hubby and I decided to start furniture shopping for a sideboard to put under the kitchen bench to increase our storage capacity.

And the first place that we decided to go to was Ikea.

Now, we've never ever bought Ikea furniture. We've got 3 pieces of Ikea furniture in the house, all hand me downs from friends. 2 low white tables and a pink reclining chair and they're all doing what they need to do. So we figure how hard can it be to get a sideboard, right? Plus we have some history with Ikea furniture so we should be alright in finding something, right?

Wrong! The stuff from Ikea is so bleah (for want of a better word...although, that's not really a word!) - its ordinary, flat packed, generic...and comes in the very basic of colours. Now we were hoping for something in a warm maple sort of wood but there was only particleboard stuff in white, birch, beech or dark brown.

Nothing wrong with the colours except that it would match nothing in the kitchen area! Plus all the sideboards more or less look the same. Sure you can customise it with various door designs etc but how much more do I need to pay for a door and a handle? And then there was the issue of having very few staff members on the floor to help with each area specialising in their own thing ("Sorry sir, I'm with the kitchen department. You're going to have to go back to that area...what? There was no one there? Well, they also look after the living room area so try there".) So frustrating!

So 2 hours later, we end up at the Ikea food market looking at their chocolate and cinnamon rolls and end up getting food from a furniture shop. Not a single piece of furniture, not even any of their knick knacks...a pack of chocolate, a pack of nougat and some cinnamon rolls. Which actually turned out to be pretty yummm...

Funny, huh?


Listening: Baby NinJa

"Shhhh....you have to be quiet because daddy's talking to me.

When mummy talks, I don't know if she's talking to me or not so I don't respond and do what I usually do...sleep, drink amniotic fluid, suck my thumb, kick around, push some organs...you know, normal everyday stuff.

But when daddy talks, because I know he's talking to me, I get real quiet. And I stop moving. And I listen...



My best friend in KL has found her passion outside of work. She's opened up her own littl' store that sells fabrics and she also does sewing of clothes and bags and lots of other stuff. I'm really happy that she's found something that she enjoys doing that she can make money from and am a littl' jealous that she can do something with her hands and be creative...but I'm more stoked that she gets to do something that makes her happy.

I still remember way back in Form 3 when we had to sew a quilted bag for Kemahiran Hidup (also known as Home Ec in the Western World). My mom can't sew for nuts and so her mom let us use her sewing machine to do this project.  I remember spending a few afternoons at my best friend's house trying to get this dang thing together - trying to get straight lines that would make the grade and end up with an end product that resembled a quilted bag. Oh what folly...we probably managed three quarters of a bag before we broke the needle on the sewing machine.

Oh what fun....oh what anguish! It was great getting to spend time together. But at that moment, never did I hate sewing more than back then...and so did my best friend. But now? It brings her happiness. Which is great. I'm happy to hear that.

So check out this page: Beverly Collection. Its her littl' spot and I'd like to support her in every which way that I can. And hopefully, when she becomes successful one day and does her magazine interview, this will be one of those fond memories that comes up in conversation that gets into print and immortalizes that moment forever.


Sex: Baby NinJa

"It's a girl!!!"

I tried to tell mummy and daddy when they went to get my 19-week anatomy scan. I got a rainbow to appear in the sky when they were driving there as a sign...I think mummy got it. I think daddy was in denial.

Mummy told me to be good and to show the doctor whether I was a boy or a girl and I did...but then I went to sleep and got rudely awakened by the doctor with all her prodding and stuff of mummy's belly. So I sucked my thumb and rubbed at my eyes and moved a bit to get comfy again.

I hope mummy doesn't pinkify me...

Catch Up

Finally, getting to sit down and blog after a hectic 3 weeks...

What's been going on?

First, I had a work event. Not like a big big event, but still, sufficiently big enough for me to be working weekends and long days to get things up and running. But the end result was very satisfying. And the feedback from the participants was great - everyone had a great time and loved what we did.

Second, I organised a surprise party for hubby. My darling was turning the big 3-0 and at the spur of the moment (crazy, I know), I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. So lots of organising and getting friends to come but its great that everyone was so cooperative and we managed to pull it off. He was surprised, I was happy and we lived happily ever after.


So what's been happening this weekend? Baby window shopping. Ummm...that's not right, baby stuff window shopping! The first one made it sound like we went to the department store to pick a baby out...whilst funny, would have been totally weird to do that. So going around picking out what we think we need for NinJa. 4 essential big items and $2.5k or thereabouts later, I think it might be coming up to the time that I break open the piggy bank. Hmmmm...

And today, a spate of cleaning took hold of me and so I did cleaning this morning. Most unusual given that that's the last thing I think of doing any weekend (even though it needs to be done!) but I did it and I attribute it to this nesting instinct thing. *sigh* Nesting is bad...makes me sore after.

Oh well, I think its off to make some lunch now then perhaps end up convincing hubby that he needs to get down and dirty with me so that we can wash the furkids. Time for a good wash given that its 21 degrees at the moment...come on spring, I can feel you coming! Can't wait...