When hubby gets addicted...

TapDefence is basically a tower game. What that means is that you
build towers to keep the baddies away. It's not like Othello where you
build to try and block the baddies out - its more you build towers
with ammo to blow them to smithereens!

So after getting addicted to that, hubby decided to download a tower
game on his 360. Now I'm not a big Xbox fan (I have issues pressing so
many buttons at once - you'd think I'd have better hand eye
coordination considering!) but I think I'm hooked!

So baisically, in Defense Grid - The Awakening, you have to build
towers to protect your power cores. There are aliens trying to steal
them and you need to get to them before they get to your core (or try
and get away with your core).

Now the game starts of relatively uncomplicated - not too much stuff
happening at once, which gives me the time I need to think about which
buttons to press and what should do where.

But then it gets harder, faster, more complicated...& my heart starts
beating faster, my palms start perspiring, I start
hyperventilatig...OMG! I'm actually getting stressed out about a

& at this point I went "Here, you go!" and watch hubby pick up the
controls, without any training, and get further on in the game than I
did!!! No thinking about buttons, no "How do I do this?" moments and
no hesitation.

& I just sat there in admiration...

Maybe I need to clock more Xbox hours...;p

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the bee of ninjas said...

when hubby gets addicted... you get addicted too? :-p