Things that make you go HMM...

Can you believe it?

Hubby sent me this link this morning that I read and just couldn't believe. It's on freedom of speech (or rather, what's happening to it in Malaysia). Check out
'Malaysia mulls gag on bloggers'.

All this crap about writing stuff to creat "disharmony, chaos, seditious material and lies"...does the Malaysian Government really think that Malaysian bloggers have nothing better to write about than this sorta stuff? Would anyone really be more interested in creating chaos among the government than telling everyone about their lives?

And all this talk about photos etc...if in the first place, these so called 'incrimnating' photos weren't taken, then there would have been nothing to post on the Internet. Who would be stupid enough to do something like that if they knew that it was going to land them in hot soup? & who would be even more stupid believing everything they see? Nowadays, the software that computers have can do so many things that seeing is no longer believing.

The Government thinks that we can't decide for ourselves what's right and what's wrong...that our beliefs and values are now close to non-existent. Perhaps they think that we can't think for ourselves and judge what is suitable for us and vice versa. Maybe they think that control is better than free will.

All I have to say is this...it's no wonder more and more Malaysians are leaving Malaysia. When you can't even trust your own people to make the right decisions, what's the point?