Muka Dua

Muka Dua or Two Face...how cool is that image?

I don't like to be a generalist but I think some cultures are more
muka dua than others. I don't know how some people can do it. I don't
know how anyone can be one way then be another way. In a blink!

Some people may call it flexibility but I call it duplicity. If I'm
not up to scratch, tell me to my face. If you think I'm doing
something wrong, tell me. If you've got something bothering you, for
God's sakes, just f*cking tell me. I'm not 6 and I have controls over
my facilities.

It kills me when someone is all smiley and stuff to your face but then
when you turn your back, they stab a knife in your back and twist it
round and round just to make you suffer. Wrong method of killing me.

Coz' I just get more angry. And I believe that revenge is a dish best
served cold. Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned, right?!

Now don't forget, I'm not dead yet. I can easily enough reach for the
knife, pull it out and stab you in the eyeballs and put the eyeball in
your mouth.

So there - eat that!

2 face, 4 eyeballs. Gruesome sight. Mission accomplished.


Syok Sendiri

Wow, NinjaBee has a real interesting one. Syok sendiri...really? Now I
can't for the life of me think how the word syok came into being. Syok
being the Malayzation (is that even a word? I was going to use
bastardization but thought that didn't completely fit although you
could argue that. But anyway, not something to discuss or debate now)
of shock I suppose?And everyone knows that sendiri is self or ownself
or one's self.

So shock one's self?

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I believe 'syok sendiri' is supposed
to mean pleasure one's self or for one's own pleasure. Like for
example "Syok sendiri dia saja - jom kita gi restoran lain" (Its for
his own pleasure that we're here, let's go to a different restaurant).
Now before we go into the lameness of the example, if you're not
clear, don't continue.

So...I'm going to throw this out there & say that the syok came from
self-pleasure & that that would create a 'shock' sensation. So then it
went from 'shock'...'shok'...'shiok'...'syok' (imagine heights of
passion and being unintelligeable).

Are you convinced???!?!


Muka Tembok

Seriously - what's with that? How on earth did someone come up with such a colourful description that it illustrates what you're trying to get out straight away? Thick skin is undertandable...but stone face? Whoa, that's hardcore!

I love how the Malay language has such colourful descriptors (I know there's probably a proper word for it but I got home late and my brain's shut down for the day). This is probably a really bad topic to talk about given that I can barely think at the moment but surely there are some examples that people have.

But anyway...being the un-muka tembok person that I am, I didn't say anything to the boss. But used an email as an excuse to remind boss about the org chart structure. Which prompted boss to go..."Hmmm...where's that letter of variation for your position?"...which then prompted boss to check with HR and for HR to go "Oops! What happened with that?"

So the end result is that that promotion I was supposed to get 4 months ago is finally being put through and will be backdated...

So I guess I didn't really have to be muka tembok after all.

Is it an Asian thing or is it just an Asian woman thing not to rock the boat and ask for something that I deserve? I don't know. Need to learn to step it up and get what I want. But at least the 'Secret' stuff works - if you think about it hard enough and want it enough, the universe will conspire to help you.

p/s - Does anyone understand Chinese coz' I've got no idea what was written in the last post's comments...

pp/s - Thanks for the karate-chop offers guys! *hugs*


Monday blues

Did you know that most people die on Mondays?

I was supposed to answer previous comments but I'm going to
procrastinate and not do that on kids. We will talk about that a wee
bit later. Now, I think Monday deserves full attention.

Today has been so hectic, it's not funny. There was so much to do that
I ended up grabbing lunch at 3pm. *sigh*. How is it that we grow the
team & there still seems to be not enought time to do anything

Half of me wants to give up & find another job. The other half of me
calls that half a loser. How can I give up in such times of need? But
then again, how am I goin to have a life if I don't?

I've been promised more money but that has yet to come. I have been
told that a promotion is in the works yet I haven't seen it yet.
Should I trust that it will happen? Do I need to wait for the moon &
the stars?!?!???

I hate the fact that I have to do this. It totally goes against my
principles of humility. If I'm good, I shouldn't have to tell you. I
shouldn't have to ask.

Feels like being taken for granted. Like the dog who gets left in the
sun without food or water & is expected to look after the house. If
you're not looking after me, why should I look after you?


Day 2

Ahhh...if only the formatting for my blog was fixed, then I'd be
happy. Granted, I don't know what it looks like on PC since I've been
living off my iPhone but even on my iPhone it looks seriously messy!

So...some groundrules.
1) If you post a comment, it won't necessarily be answered.
2) I will try to answer all comments in my next post. Sorry! It's not
that I'm trying to avoid anything but it's a major pain doing it on my
iPhone (I always trip up on the word verification bit coz the screen
isn't big enough)!
3) Don't feel that you have to hold back on any comments. 1st
amendment & all that jazz (I hope I got the right one =p).


Now that that's settled we can get down to the business at hand. Which
really is just stuff coming out of my head anyway. But I want to put
this down before I do my replies in the next post.

I've been at a work course yesterday, continuing into today. It's been
fun & I really enjoyed it. & one of the things we had to do for
homework was use one of the questioning techniques that we learnt the
day before.

So I did. & the results were interesting. We were supposed to go home
to someone special and ask "So tell me about your day". And then just
continue from there. Hubby & I had a full-on conversation from there
about his day.

Then he asked me "So how was your day?". Now normally I wouldn't
twitch but at this point I realised the difference between his
question & mine. & answered it accordingly. & the conversation stopped

I'm so mean!



I'm reading this book at the moment that says no matter what, I need
to persist at writing. It doesn't matter what junk comes into my head
-I need to give myself the permission to write badly or well. No

& so, I'm going to try blogging everyday. I don't know how I'm going
to do this (surely there's not that many interesting things that could
happen everyday? I dunno...I guess it's mental training to get my mind
more in tune with my creative side) but unless you give it a shot, you
never know.

So...let's see if I can fulfill my blogspot title - MoO in Transit (&
in transit in more ways than one)...I'll keep you posted by
continuously posting (& if I fall off, don't make me feel too guilty).

Now that I have it on paper (haha! Cyber paper that is)...let the
blogging begin!

Ps - the book also said "Dont be an editor". Which means that at
times, you may get posts that don't make sense. I guess half the fun
of that is for you to figure out what I really mean!!! Heck, even
might join in ;)


2010 : A new decade

Hello everyone,

Its been awhile since I've been back here...sometimes, it feels like returning home where everything feels familiar. And then, it feels like returning home...and finding that everything's changed. Your parents are getting older, your friends are having kids and you're still standing in the same spot at the crossroads of your life.

So then the question is...what now?

*shrug* I don't know.

A new decade...maybe new things to do. Maybe new experiences to be had. Maybe new people to meet.

Or maybe, I just need to get off my ass and stop being a hermit.

Maybe that will work?

p/s - Happy New Year everyone...better late than never, right?