Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Have I Really Changed At All?

I spoke to my mum last night and she said that my brother feels as if he can't joke with me much anymore.

He says that I've become more serious.

I have to pause and wonder...have I really changed? Has my decision to come to Australia made me a more quiet, introverted me? Or have I just matured with age (just like fine wine...*grin*)?

Perhaps I have. Perhaps spending time with friends really does make a visible difference in one's life. I guess that's why they say if you want to find out about a person, meet their friends - they are a reflection of one's self.

I guess I'm a tad bit more serious...and a littl' quieter. All this space in Australia is probably not doing me any good. Now all those management theories about Eastern countries are really hitting home. It's different growing up in a culture where I've always been surrounded by people and I miss meeting up with friends every weekend (or even during the week! Heck, its even happened every day sometimes!).

I'm slowly but surely becoming an island. & boy, it's pretty lonely out here...


We Are...


The house is so quiet...are we really home?

I think I left my heart back in Malaysia...


Hair Affair...

Snip, snip, snip!!!

After taking my own sweet time to get motivated for a much needed haircut, I finally decided to give my regular hairdresser a tinkle. My mum was getting on my case saying that I'd better do it soon, before he closed for CNY.

Should have listened to mum.

I tried ringing the hairdresser and there was no answer...

"Maybe they're busy. I'll try again a littl' bit later."

I tried again and still no answer. By this time, I was starting to get nervous. The horror stories of going to a new hairdresser came to mind. I recalled my 'Cleopatra' haircut...and the time when I had frizz when all I wanted was curls. I contemplated not trying someone new and just leaving my hair alone until we got back to Perth.

I waged an inner struggle with myself. I had listed a trait on my resume as being "Not adverse to change". Trying a new hairdresser was change. How could I be saying this and not living the talk? I would be lying to myself. Even though I could possibly end up looking like Albert Einstein/Diana Ross, did that mean that I should sacrifice my beliefs for my looks?

I ended up biting the bullet and coming to a decision.

The worse that could happen would be more money spent on rectifying the problem. And besides, how difficult could it possibly be to cut straight hair?

All I can say now is that I'm glad I tried something new and had that change in hairdressers. It was a different experience and I made friends with the guy who washed my hair (he even wished me a Happy Valentines Day! If any of you ever go to Peek-a-boo at the Curve, look for Alvin. He's such a nice guy!).

Sometimes, change is good. And being "Not adverse to change", helps as well. But the thing that helps the most is having a really good haircut.


The Curse

Telecommunications Company Part Deux

Would you believe it? In Perth, I have problems with the telephone. In KL, I have problems with the telephone. WHAT IS GOING ON???

For 2 days, hubby & I tried unsuccessfully to get a Hotlink prepaid account. We passed numerous Digi counters and persistently visited the Maxis Centre but to no avail. We couldn't buy a Hotlink prepaid card because the person who was in charge of the counter was not there.

Didn't matter that there were 5 other people around the counter who also worked for Maxis.

Didn't matter that Maxis is supposed to have the most popular pre-paid service in Malaysia.

Didn't matter that we were going to give the company some business (not much but still...).

All that mattered was that when I wanted to get connected, Maxis let me down. All those years of loyalty flushed down the drain over a single incident which would probably have only lasted 15 minutes.

So in the end, hubby & I went to Digi and in 15 minutes, got ourselves all connected and set up with instructions and the WORKS with no hassles, no problems and a big, friendly smile.


p/s - Alignment might be a bit screwy but at least there's a post!