Book Pledge Day 38: Things I Like

Okay, so the biggest thing that bugs me about this book is that one of the things the character likes is watching TV. Now, there's no way the little one is gonna be watching TV anytime soon so to cast the idiot box in a favourable light totally irks me.

Otherwise, the book has some good illustrations of what Baby NinJa likes too!

N.B. We will be taking a short break as Baby NinJa and I will be going back to visit my dad, who's had a heart attack. And no, we're not gonna be carting the bag of library books with us there. See you in a bit!


Book Pledge Day 37: My Very First Book of Numbers

So Eric Carle has a numbers book! Who knew? A bit advanced for the wee one but it certainly was a page turner, having to match pictures to numbers! Cute but maybe more for finger exercises than reading ;P


Book Pledge Day 36: Colours

<p>A simple book introducing colours but what I don't get is why on earth did the authors decide to introduce indigo? And I don't believe black or white is a colour...


Book Pledge Day 35: Ivy Loves to Give

Pre-post shoutout goes to izchan - Hello panda liker! ;)

So, down to business. Lovely little book about sharing and giving. I especially loved the illustrations while Baby NinJa loved the animals in the story. A sweet, little feel good book for the young and young at heart - heck, I think even the old might have a little chuckle!


Book Pledge Day 34: Noodle Loves the Beach

Firstly, who on earth would name a panda Noodle? Bad enough that you're trying to teach your kid about the right animal names, this is just going to cause confusion. So it's cute...but does it work? I think not.

Secondly, what is a panda doing at the beach? Adding even more confusion to the mix! Bad mommy, poor book choice.

I picked the book because it had short phrases and touchy-feely bits for Baby NinJa. And sure enough, she loved the bright shiny red bucket and the sandpaper sandcastles. Not so much the sticky peach but still pretty much a page turner (literally!).


Book Pledge Day 33: Just Like Grandpa

Baby NinJa wasn't very interested in this book. Sure the reflective bits caught her attention...and the bicycles too but the only thing she got out of it was mimicking the Pa bit in Grandpa. Cute it was!