Ahhh, just when you think things are going smoothly, life throws a wrench in the works. My dad had a stroke and is pretty much paralysed on the right hand side of his body.

I don't mean to complain but I am so tired. Tired of being the last to know. Tired of being the one who does the coordinating. Tired of being the go between. Tired of cleaning up after everyone. Just plain tired.

But most of all, I am sad. Of the extremely verbose and rich English language, this simple word sums up how I feel so succinctly.

I am sad that my dad will never be the same again. It has been shocking how much muscle and weight he has lost. And his speech...my multilingual father is reduced to a few simple words.

I am sad that my mom is beyond exhausted and that I can't do enough to help. And the light at the tunnel is still so so far away.

I am sad that my child will not know her grandfather as I know him. He was the man who taught me to ride a bike, catch a fish and sprint 100m. He nurtured my love for music and made me the analytical, methodical person that I am.

But most of all, in the depths of my soul, I am just plain sad. Terribly, unjustifiably sad. It is so unkind of God to leave such a strong man so weak and vulnerable. So terribly unkind.

But we must continue. For one day, we will come to the end of the tunnel. And hopefully, there will be light.

Please God, let there be light...

Book Pledge Day 70: Very First Words

I'm getting more and more into Usborne books. This one showed all sorts of stuff from colours to body parts to inside and out. Loved the bright pictures and cute characters.

Book Pledge Day 69: Go Baby Go!

Another book by Sally Rippin with simple concepts and cute pictures! Another one of those books where making sound to isn't at all silly!


Book Pledge Day 68: Colours

This book must have some Japanese influence because this reminds me of those cute Japanese characters like Pikachu and Totoro. Good introduction with not too many colours.

Book Pledge Day 67: Animals

I don't really know why Charlie and Lola are so popular but I did think a lot of funky cool art went into this book. A little different but still not bad a read.

Book Pledge Day 66: Counting Peas

Oh what fun! A counting book that doesn't really do proper counting but still manages to sneak numbers in and have some fun with peas and stuff!

Book Pledge Day 65: Slinky Malinki's Christmas Crackers

Hubby took this one to read to the little munchkin and did not like it one bit (and made sure I knew as well!). I guess you can't beat Hairy Maclary.

Book Pledge Day 64: How Do I Love You?

I think I will always compare these books against Guess How Much I Love You. I always love the phrase "To the moon and back". But constantly reading books like this will hopefully remind the little one on how much she is loved.

Book Pledge Day 63: One, Two Cockatoo!

Oh, who would not love learning numbers through rhyme? This book is too cute, with all the mischief that the cockatoos get up to while taking the little one from one to ten.

Book Pledge Day 62: Look

I liked the simplicity of this book - one item, one word, one colour. Design-wise, very aesthetically pleasing. True-to-life colourwise? Fail.

Book Pledge Day 61: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

One of our favourite songs with the little one at the moment, is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Didn't know that there were so many verses to the song (and who would be able to remember them all!). Guess you do learn something new everyday!

Book Pledge Day 59: The Feelings Book

Probably a wee bit too complicated for bubba at the moment, given that she is either happy or not but a good start in introducing feelings in a simple way.

Book Pledge Day 60: What's That Noise?

Daddy read this one to the little one. Fun for dads to make noises along with the book and good for mum to have a short period to get things done while bub is otherwise occupied ;)


Book Pledge Day 58: Babies

You would never think that you could do comparisons using babies but this book did it - and pretty well too! I had fun reading it to the little one and she had fun turning the pages to look at the other little ones.

Book Pledge Day 57: In My Flower

Finger puppet butterfly - brilliant idea! It was the one constant throughout the book that Baby NinJa tried to grab and pull. Thank God it stayed attached to the book!

Book Pledge Day 56: At The Zoo

An ok book with touchy bits but it didn't capture anyone's attention, unfortunately. Maybe the little one will learn to relate when we make a trip to the zoo one day.

Book Pledge Day 55: Sometimes

Call me sappy but this book brought a tear to my eye. It was sweet and is a great reminder of how much a parent loves their child

Book Pledge Day 54: Baby's Very First Bedtime Book

Oh, this book failed dismally with the little one. Perhaps it was the subject matter. Or maybe it was the fact that the book was falling apart. Whichever the case, we'll give it a miss next time.

Book Pledge Day 53: Hug Hug!

Who can refuse an excuse to cuddle with a bundle of cuteness? I loved how the author did animals hugging everywhere and using all sorts of body parts! Now we need to look for the next one - Kiss Kiss!

Book Pledge Day 52: Banana!

Any story that can teach a lesson using 2 words only gets 5 stars in my book. I love the drawings and the expressions on the monkeys faces. Totally recommended to teach a little one to say "Please".

Book Pledge Day 50: Colours

Another book with the Gumnut Babies! Still loving the pastels though not sure if this is the best way to teach the little one with watered down colours. But totally keeping with the sugar and spice theme for little girls.

Book Pledge Day 51: Round and Round The Garden

"Round and round the garden,
   Like a teddy bear..."

Oh, the anticipation of a tickle is just too delicious to pass up. This works wonders, just like "This little piggy went to market...". No doubt there were several readings of this book!

Book Pledge Day 49: That's Not My Lion

I think the little tigress has fallen in love. This book is so cute! And it has the best touchy feely bits. Straight away at each page, the little one identified the touchy bits and went straight to it. I can't wait to read more in this series to her!

Book Pledge Day 48: Baby Wombat's Week

Oh so cute!!! I loved this book more than Baby NinJa - probably because she's still too young to get the intended humour. Now we need to go look for the preceding book - for me!

Book Pledge Day 46: Colours and Shapes

A simple book with bright colours and touchy feely pictures. Shame though that the touchy bits didn't draw the little one's attention.

Book Pledge Day 47: Old Macdonald Had A Farm

Oh, everyone should know Old Macdonald! By the end of the book, I was pretty much over the woof woof here and quack quack there and was lucky the little one didn't ask for an encore.

Hubby? Not so lucky...*grin*


Book Pledge Day 45: Baby Einstein - See and Spy Shapes

I love the rhyming verses in this book - plus the fact you have to go hunt out the shapes. What bugs me though is that it doesn't always tell you how many you hafta look for and I'm always paranoid that I haven't found them all >.<

Book Pledge Day 44: Aussie Toddlers Can

A cute little book depicting all the things toddlers too. Brings a smile to my face to see other little bubs doing what the little one does too! And love the fact that the kids are local kids!

Book Pledge Day 43: Baby Eye Like - Black & White

A nice, simple book introducing the colours black & white. I also liked the big hole in the book - it helped the little one turn the page so a big plus with that from me. I like too!


Book Pledge Day 42: The Waterhole

This book has pretty awesome realistic drawings for a kid's book and the little one likes poking her fingers through the holes in the book. Thumbs up all round!

Book Pledge Day 40: Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy

This book is supposed to be a favourite among kids and you can see why with the cute pictures and repeating rhymes. But it can get a bit tiresome for the adult reading it!

Book Pledge Day 41: Bear At Work

I liked this book! Great way to teach kids about different professions in a fun and engaging way. Bubs liked the librarian page! Hopefully we find more books like this!

Book Pledge Day 39: I Like Books

This is from the same series as the Things I Like book. Much better this time round with a cool selection of books. The munchkin liked the page with dinosaur books and monster books!