A change

I guess it's time to address possible change alternatives.

The big one that everyone's talking about is a baby. Now at this
point, hubby and I have come to terms with having a baby. Yes, it's
something that we would definitely want to do. & yes, we've thrown
away the condoms (geez, some people think we don't know nuts about the
birds & the bees!)

But all the luck & pregnancy wishes haven't done anything. I'm still
waiting to see that blue (or pink or purple) extra line.

If nothing convinces you there's a God, trying to conceive definitely
gives you that reality check (or maybe God check?). It reminds you
that no matter what you do, or what you try, if He doesn't believe you
should have one, you won't.

You lose all control in this area. Everything else, all other
problems, you have control (more or less) on solving it. You can pick
and choose what you want. You have some sway over the outcome.

With this? You have nothing. You can do the deed when you need to, or
do it more if you want, but if God doesn't believe you're ready, then
there's nothing (& by nothing, I mean nothing natural) that you can do
about it.

So a baby would be a welcomed change. The only question is, does He
think we should have one?

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the ninja of bees said...

yup... it happens when it happens. and when it happens, sometimes it ends abruptly. bubba was third time lucky for me.

don't stress about it, OK? soon enough we'll hear the pitter patter of small hoofs :)