I want...

This is going to sound really sad but I want a pair of Doc Martens.

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Doc Marts were really
popular and all the cool (rich!) kids had a pair. My parents refused
to get me a pair, saying that my feet would still grow & so it would
be a waste of money getting them.

Fastforward to today. & I still want a pair. The only difference is
that we can now afford them. I can now afford them. So why I bought a

1) We have commitments (mortgage mainly)
2) We're saving to start a family (which ties back to item 1)
3) Do I really need a pair of Doc Marts over food? Amenities? Etc?

I guess this is the sign of becoming an adult. Knowing when it's okay
to say yes to some things & no to others.

Oh if only my mum knew this, she would have a fit - a laughing fit that is!!!


3 sucks!

If you're ever thinking of switching carriers, DO NOT CHOOSE THREE!!!

You'd think being a Singaporean company and all that you'd get value
for money. You'd hope for efficient and uninterrupted service. You'd
expect that the charges you pay cover everything, and I mean
EVERYTHING coz it's part of the service.

Nope. Nada. Zilch.

It may be a cheap plan but value for money? Nope - there are fees that
they don't tell you about. Uninterrupted service? Hahaha...that's
funny. I've had blips in both phone and Internet services. & does
complaining work?

$10 goodwill voucher.

WTF? I spent a good week not being contactable and you reimburse me
with $10 measly dollars? Take that $10 & put it towarda your customer
service training fund. You're so going to need it.

So if you're looking at Three right now? Don't. Vodafone or Optus are
so much better.


Don't mess with Mother

Mother Nature that is!

Does the earth really have a soul? Does Gaia really exists? Is it
really lashing out at humankind due to our inabilities to look after
our gifts?

Or is this Nature's way of reminding us that we're human and that with
one sneeze (albeit a hot, lava coated one with some ash cough on top)
can bring to a standstill our measly activities?

Or, option 3...one that I think is more likely because I can't imagine
Mother Earth being hurtful. Maybe this is Her way of saying "I'm
sick". Maybe we're too busy with our everyday lives to take note of
the signs. Or maybe we're too selfish to care about anything else but

Maybe this is the only way She knows how to send an SOS...


Whaddya have to lose?

On Thursday evening, I was offered verbally the PM role that I went
for. It was exciting news, except for the fact that they didn't come
to the table with the amount I was expecting.

The whole time, up until yesterday, I was dwelling on that fact. It
consumed my thoughts and all I could think of was 'I was getting paid
more on a lower position doing overtime!!!'

But then a wise friend asked me this question - "What do you have to lose?"

& that crystalised everything for me.

Nothing. I had nothing to lose. I had a new skill that I would be
learning. I had a new area that I could broaden my horizons into. & I
had his on contract so if anything didn't turn out quite the way I'd
expect, then it would only last for a year.

So today, today I'm going to say yes. & take that leap into the unknown.

& get my money's worth of knowledge, skills & experience.


Nasi Lemak

Recently, I was really really missing nasi lemak - you know, the kind
that comes in a little banana leaf package with a slice of boiled egg,
some kacang, some ikan bilis, a slice of cucumber and to-die-for

Sometimes, I think of the nasi campur that the guy in the alley close
to my house does. It's a cart behind a row of shop houses that has the
most yummy fried chicken (which is so much better when it's freshly
fried) and all sorts of other dishes.

Putting them both together is like a slice of heaven. Juicy fried
chicken with a hint of rempah combined with fresh, creamy rice and
spicy, sweet sambal is something I really miss from KL.

*sigh* now all thats left is to learn the secret of making great
sambal and also how to make yummy fried chicken. Then find the
ingredients. Then experiment. Then make a mess. & pray that the meal
turns out.

Or just find a spot to get it all.

Anyone wanna sponsor me a nasi lemak inspired plane ticket? ;)



Ah humans. We are such creatures of habit. It's quite amazing how a
simple train delay can disrupt your daily routine of getting to work.

I normally know that it's going to be a bad day when the ticket
machine at the train station isn't working. There was a trend (!) and
I extrapolated that plan (:p) into a predictive model. *grin* how do
you like that for bringing analysis into everyday boring work life ;p

So here I am, squished on the train with a million other people,
waiting to get to work.

Waiting to get to work?!?!?!!!!

Never ;p

But I guess it's a lesser evil than being in confinement where the air
conditioning isn't quite working...



Not motivated.

Can I go back home now? :(



Last week I had an interview for a project manager position. Now I
don't have any formal training in the area, nor have I gone for any
courses but it's an area that appeals to me.

I think it's time to move on.

It's funny how this came about. My big boss at work was talking about
development opportunities & I was complaining of not having enough
time to find that out. & so he said to make time. Which I did. & so
now, here we are.

& since that ball started rolling, a few other opportunities have come
up & presented themselves. It's interesting what the universe decides
to throw at you when you want change.

I just hope I get this project management position because it really
really REALLY sounds exciting.

*cross fingers, toes & twists into a pretzel*




This is what I will need to continue posting to my blog. No more of this whole time spent on playing games on my iPhone (well, maybe just a wee bit). No more wasting time looking at facebook and kepoh-ing at what's happening with everyone else.

Am I serious about writing? Am I going to keep this up? Do I want to keep this up?

If the answer is 'Hell yeah!', then why am I not doing it? What's holding me back from fulfilling my greatest potential, from discovering my full posibilities?

I am the only one to blame.
& like MJ says "If you wanna make this world a better place then take
a look at yourself and make that change".
Time to make that change.