Shy: Baby NinJa

Never thought I'd say this but I think I'm camera shy.

The doctor tried to get a picture of me with his camera but I turned my back on him...not on purpose of course. I was just...shy.



Tis the season...

I just found out another girlfriend is pregnant. That makes 6 of us now, with 5 of us being first time mums. I find that really exciting, having friends going through the same life stages as I am at the same time. One of them is due in a couple of weeks with the rest of us all due at the end of the year/going into the new year. So by Chinese New Year next year, there will be a whole streak of cubs prowling in 3 different continents.

I guess its like what my close friend  said...first you celebrate the 21st birthdays. Then you go through the engagement phase with weddings coming soon after...then you have the baby phase...and soon after, it'll be first birthdays and so on and so forth...until the kids grow up, graduate and then start their significant phases of their own.

That seems like such a long way to me but then again, who knows? I could blink and we could be celebrating NinJa's first birthday. Time seems to fly at supersonic speeds nowadays. I remember ages ago when days seemed to go on forever and I had all the time in the world. I remember the holidays and how we had so much fun then...I also remember having the time to lepak in the midst of exams. Ahhh....to be young!

I hope NinJa gets to experience that - a childhood that's not rushed and have enough time to enjoy every bit of it. And just having time to be able to be a kid. Or be whatever NinJa chooses to be. I hope the world doesn't rush him/her into adulthood and brands and sex and stuff...I hope we do him/her right...*cross fingers*.


Musings: Baby NinJa

Baby NinJa wonders...

"If I fart, will the propulsion cause me to spin cartwheels in my watery home?



Me yet not me...

Having a baby is a strange thing - rather, carrying a pregnancy is a strange thing. You no longer feel as if you're in control of your body.

I was just telling hubby how it feels as if my body is governed by the most basic instincts, driven by NinJa. When NinJa's hungry, we eat. It doesn't matter what time of day (or night) it is, we eat. Because I'm supposed to be drinking for two, again it doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, if we gotta go - we gotta go. Its like having Chinese bladder syndrome all the time (for those of you who don't know what Chinese bladder syndrome is, its basically small bladder syndrome where someone needs to go to the toilet often. If you're worried, this is NOT a medical prognosis, its just a way of describing someone's need to go regularly).

My body's changing, my sleep is changing, my moods are changing...practically everything is changing because of one littl' person growing in me. Sometimes it feels like an alien is controlling me...but then I remember that that alien is ours...and then it doesn't feel so alien after all.

And I know this is just the beginning of a long journey ahead...so instead of moaning and groaning on how everything's different, I guess the best solution would be to get used to it. And fast! Because like everyone says - our lives will never be the same ever again.


Times are a'changin...

Its been awhile since my last post...

Things have changed and I can no longer read/write/blog on the train. It makes me feel absolutely yuck and by the time I get into work, I'm ready to go back home!

But lots of stuff has been happening and because of that, I've decided to change from being a transit blogger to a weekend one at best. Not that I have much to say but anyway...

So what's new? 

I guess the biggest news is NinJa...it must have been time delay pregnancy dust coz' it didn't happen straight away but hubby and I are on our way to becoming a threesome. If all things happen according to what the doc says, by 2011, we should be a threesome. Yes, a threesome - no ultrasound of twins (thank God!).

What else? Friday was my last day with my current team. While I'll miss my colleagues dearly, I won't miss the stress and the pressure that came with the job (at least for now). Now, all I'm looking forward to is doing a job that doesn't require me to be at work all the time. Having some slack to be sick once in a while and not feel guilty. And being able to come home to cook dinner for NinJa...

I can't wait...27 weeks and counting...