Clothes packed? Check!
Camera battery charged? Check!
Memory sticks cleared? Check!
Cow map obtained? Check!
All set and ready to go? Check!

Can't wait! Hubby and I decided at the last minute to go down for the Cow Parade. Yup, the Cow Parade. Some of the comments I've had from work are "Do they walk down the street?" "You're going to see COWS?" "The Cow Parade? Huh?"

Yup, you read that right. The Cow Parade. Wikipedia-it! Or Google-it! Either way, it'll give you enough information for you to go - cool! As cool as cows can get ;)

I can't wait to see this art exhibition - and also get some time away from work to just relax and de-stress. It feels like I've been working heaps and heaps and heaps with no rest so the Cow Parade is a treat for me and hubby to go away for the weekend (and a wee bit) and enjoy some relaxation down south in Margaret River.

I can't wait to check the cows out! And I can't wait to take pictures of them! Will definitely have to upload them when I get back...although if you want GOOD QUALITY Cow Parade pics, Google is the way to go. And I'm also hoping that I can get some MoO Souveniers! How cool would that be? The MoO wearing MoO! hehehe...

Ahhhhh...one more sleep to go before we get the opportunity to go down, relax and just chill...


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