It's funny that the makers of train carriages don't understand what
men want considering that the likelihood of the designer being a man
is 90%!

Take for example this morning. I get on the train & sit down on the
first seat next to someone who doesn't look like they're going o be
annoying for the train ride into work.

Now the first thing I notice after sitting down is that his leg is
over a quarter of my seat. So of course, I would have to scoot over so
that I'm only occupying half of my seat.

Now why is his leg on my side? Well you see...men have this thing
called balls and they happen to be in a spot which makes sitting with
their legs together really uncomfortable (or so they say). They don't
like squashing the ol' jewels at all!

Now I find this argument to be really peculiar as I've sat next to
other male passengers on the train who have no problems sitting with
ther legs closer together. They haven't sit with their knees together
but have allowed the pair some breathing room while allowing other
passengers to have theirs.

So why can't all men be like that? Probably because we don't say
anything to them about it. I just got up from my seat, and moved to
another seat. I really should have just said...

"Hey mate, how big do you think your balls are? Would you mind putting
them away so that you don't scare away the children? Thanks.
Appreciate the lack of consideration you're demonstrating to

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