The Chinese believe that fourteen is an unlucky number. It means 'guaranteed death'. Yet to me, it means so many other things...

Fourteen is the number of days I have to wait until I get paid. I remember when I was in uni, living on 14 days worth of pay and scrimping to make sure that on day 12, I'd have enough money for food to last me another 4 meals. Earning your own moolah makes you appreciate so much more how hard it is to actually earn enough to live a littl'.

Fourteen hours is the longest I can possibly work before my brain starts to go to mush and numbers swim before my eyes. Its funny how we used to be able to pull all nighters to study for exams or finish assignments. I wonder where all my stamina has gone...perhaps my youth has left me for someone younger (!).

Fourteen minutes is how long a good shower lasts. It takes a good 4 and a half minutes to let the hot water kneed all the tension away and drench you completely before you can get any good lather going. Another 4 and a half minutes of rubbing and scrubbing and before you know it, its another round of good, hot water to wash away the day's dirt and all that stress.

Fourteen seconds is how long it takes to change your life. A single kiss could change the course of destiny in those fourteen seconds. And a good kiss, takes about that long for you to completely melt into a puddle of good feelings of lurve and lose yourself in your partner's eyes.

So really, fourteen isn't so bad...dontcha think?


And the countdown begins...

I'm thinking it might be time for me to retire. From blogging that is...!

This post is post number 85...which means I have 15 more to go before I reach 100. And at that point, I believe I will throw the towel in and call it quits.

So, to commemorate that point, let's look at 15 reasons why it's a good idea for me to call it quits...
1) The life of MoO has reached a plateau...which means that the cow hasn't had any (mis)adventures to report back and has to live vicariously through others! So let the stories continue...and they better be good coz' I'd like to live on the edge...through others!
2) No one wants to hear about my obsessive compulsive crazy self and re-arranging toilet paper rolls! Not to mention the use of same coloured pegs...or re-arranging coloured pens according to colours...and the list goes on...
3) There's only so far that cuteness can go...so no more stories of the fur-kids considering our puppies have already outgrown that phase and have become the hounds from hell. So this is potentially what it's like to have kids...hmmmmmm...
4) I already have visual enhancements (read: glasses) - let's not 'enhance' it anymore.
5) My tiny brain can only hold so much...and given that little bits have been dribbling out of my ears, I wouldn't trust it to hold anything too intelligent.
6) Work, work, work and more work. Let's not get started on work. We might be here all night. And day. And night...
7) I need to read. It's been such a long time since I've picked up a good book and had some brain food. Recently, I've been going through manga...now don't get me wrong, looking at pictures and having a really interesting storyline is a great way to de-stress but it's like feeding my brain chips when what it really needs is some meat and veggies!
9) How do you think you get RSI?
10) The law of diminishing returns. It's like ice cream...you know you want some but when you get too much ice cream, you wonder why you wanted some in the first place. So before we reach that point, I should cut my losses and look at perhaps chocolates...I'm sure I've got a block somewhere...hmmmm...
11) I blinked and it's now already halfway through the year. Where has the time gone? Maybe I need to get out more...and start doing other stuff...like go look for flute lessons already. I've got the instrument, what am I waiting for? (Note to self...2007 goal not achieved yet!!!) Just the other day, we went roller skating...and that was so much fun! I should get out more...
12) If I did less blogging, then I would be conserving energy and contributing to a greener environment! (Stop sniggering Izso, every littl' bit helps!)
13) Maybe this will make me pick up the phone and actually ring someone...hmmm...random thought: Did you know that VOIP calls can easily be hacked into?
14) Because blogging doesn't give me the same satisfaction anymore. The whole 'Been there, done that' thing I guess.
15) Just coz' I wanted to see if you would notice that number 8's missing! Now you're going to go back and check right? And then say...but hang on, that makes it 14! Well, the last reason is simply because I can. So there.