Reading: Baby NinJa

I heard Mummy and Daddy talk about books! Mummy said she's getting some books from Amazon. And Mummy said that Daddy has to read to me.

I can't wait! I know that Amazon takes awhile to send stuff but it feels like FOREVER! When am I going to get read to?



I was surprised when I read in the pregnancy book that two things can happen to your feet - one, you could go up by about half a shoe size and two, you could get swollen feet. 

Now this struck me on two levels. First, I was told that the size of your womb is proportionate to the size of your feet. So if the body naturally starts loosening up everything (hello hippo hips!), does that mean that its loosening up your womb as well as your feet causing the size increase or does it just mean that because the womb is expanding, thus, your feet expand due it being proportionate in size? 

The second thing is swollen feet. I've never had swollen feet before and its SCARY!!! Seriously. Looking down at your feet and seeing them balloon up is an unnatural experience me thinks! Why does it happen (and I don't mean just for pregnancy)? Why would God make feet swell? And again, if the feet size is proportionate to the womb size, is the womb swollen as well?

Ahhh...things that come to mind on an off day...


Dancing: Baby NinJa

Mummy & Daddy have some real boring music that they play. I think Mummy thinks that playing classical music is good for me (and I think I overheard Grandma telling Mummy the same thing too!).

But that isn't dancing music!

The other day, Mummy went onto the In the Night Garden website because cousin Bubba Bee loves them and there was some music on the website that made me dance! So I did a littl' boogey in Mummy's tummy! I think Mummy must've got the message because the sound was played again!

It made me happy =)


This business of being pregnant sure is tiring. I haven't had a full night's uninterrupted sleep in a while now. Be it a bathroom stop or just due to being really uncomfortable, at some point during the night, I have to get up. Now this is completely alien to me as I usually sleep through the night (and then some!) so having uninterrupted sleep is really playing with my system.

Sure, I agree with what other people say in that it's my body's way of naturally getting me used to waking up at night for baby. But that doesn't mean that I have to like it one bit!

And its totally wrecked some of the things I enjoy doing - like waking up early, during the weekend making myself a hot cuppa and then curling up  on the sofa with a good book. Nowadays, the thought of waking up early (besides having to go to work) is like pulling teeth...and curling up with a good book is not an option. By the time I've curled up somewhere comfortable, and read a couple of pages of my book, I start to nod off and fall asleep.

So no proper sleep...no enjoyment of reading a book (besides the fact that the pregnancy is affecting my eyesight) and no way around this when bub comes out either! And this is only the beginning! So how do the people with kids and a job and their own business do everything anyway? I'm struggling as it is just to stay awake!

Let me know when you find out their secret, okay? I'm just going to take a littl' nap now *yawn*


Tall: Baby NinJa

The obste...the obsta...the obstar...the Doctor measured my legs the other day and told Mummy and Daddy that I've got long legs!!! He also measured my head but he said that that was normal.

Mummy took the news and told Ah Kong and Ah Ma on the way home and they said "Maybe she'll be the next Miss Australia!". And Daddy went "She's going to be a Basketballer!!!". So much pressure already!

Me? I'm just happy that I'm going to be tall. That way, I'm sure I won't get bullied. I'll just look down on other kids...


Its funny that no one makes any negative comments about growing pregnant ladies (ie moi). Yes, I'm ever expanding, to the dismay of my ever contracting wardrobe. I've gone up 3 sizes in every department (aside from shoes) and have yet to see an end in sight.

Yes, I feel like a hippo and yes, people talk about waddling but the worst I've heard is "Oh wow, you're getting big!" Well, duh! Of course I'm getting big, I'm pregnant, remember? That's the worst line I've ever heard - you can't really forget that the pregnant woman has a growing being inside her. You think I just swallowed a soccer ball for the fun of it?

And then you get the remarks "No, you're not big" or "You're glowing" and stuff like that when you know that people are just trying to be nice and are trying to make you feel better because some of them have gone through pregnancy before. I appreciate the comments etc but really - I'm a big girl and you can be truthful. The hormones aren't going to make me feel all emotional if you tell me that I remind you of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So if you're wondering, I've already come to terms with my expanding figure. No, I'm not eating for two but she grows anyway. And I've hidden all my pre-pregnancy photos that remind me of how thin I used to be (OMG, I couldn't believe it!!!). And now, I'm just content in waddling, throwing my weight around (literally!), waiting for the day until this littl' bundle of joy comes. Then perhaps we can talk about my figure...


Birthday: Baby NinJa

Guess who had a birthday recently?

My cousin NinJa all the way across the other side of the world!!! She's a big girl now, cousin NinJa Bubba Bee!!! She's all turned one! That's like...a looooong loooooong way for me to go! Feels like it anyway...

Happy Birthday cousin! I'm sure you had a really cool birthday! Hopefully I'll get to celebrate a birthday with you someday...and have some yummy cake...and blow out candles...and have balloons and presents and all sorts of cool stuff! I can hardly wait!

Hugs & kisses,
Meeeeeee xoxo

Just the two of us...

Hubby and I spent a wonderfully, lazy afternoon on a date. One of those dates where you stroll hand in hand by the marina, pop into a cafe for a lazy, sinfully delicious lunch, then top it all off with a cold, yummy, creamy vanilla with chocolate chips ice cream. It was totally a last minute decision, and I'm glad that we're doing these things before littl' NinJa comes.

I've been reading this baby book that talks about how baby needs to be welcomed to the family as an addition and that this should not change the husband-wife relationship that we currently share.

In some ways, I agree with that. But in some ways, the relationship will change forever. There's no more just you and me - there's you and me and baby. And baby's not going to be capable of looking after herself just yet. So the relationship will definitely change. Its just a matter of how you're going to let that relationship affect you.

To be honest? I don't know...I don't know if hubby's going to become jealous, if I'm going to be climbing the walls from staying at home or if I'll be in a bad mood all the time due to lack of sleep. I don't know if we'll do the things we do now or become more hermit-like (like we aren't already super hermit-ic!!!) or focus solely on baby and forget our relationships with everyone else.

I guess all things take time to adjust and this is definitely something that means we will need to take some time to find our feet...but hopefully we'll get there. And hopefully we'll get there in one piece...and maybe at some point, we'll even love this so much that we won't even remember what it was like to be just you and me...just like the saying goes...

"Two littl' hands, two littl' feet...
   Now our family is blessedly complete..."