Any good cook will tell you that the essential instrument in your
kitchen is a knife. And if you're my hubby, it has to be a good knife.

Now for one of our anniversaries, we were given a set of knives by a
friend. To me, they were find. They did what they were supposed to do
just fine. They handled well too - well balanced, sufficiently heavy
enough to give a nice chopping balance and came in enough sizes.

Now hubby, being the Master Chef that he is, has been wailing and
moaning about our knives for as long as we've had them. And he even
bought a knife that his parents use because of its serrations (the
knife is pretty crap in my opinion. Its too light and serrations are
for people who are too lazy to sharpen their knives).

So after a friend said he was getting a knife block on special, and
having had enough of hubby's moaning & groaning, I went online to so
some knife research (hey, its an expensive purchase that's supposed to
last us a lifetime)!

I found 2 things:
- Japanese knives are highly recommended by chefs and knife websites
- German knives are just as highly recommended by chefs and knife
websites (must be to so with German precision).

So after doing a dollar value and availability search, we ended up
getting a Japanese knife block set, which has a long history of
samurai sword making.

And after slicing the top off my left thumb last night, I have a whole
new respect for my knife set and samurai sword making in general.

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