Raining golf balls...

Sometimes, God throws a hissy fit. & usually when that happens, a
natural disaster occurs.

Yesterday, we had severe floods, rain and hail the size of golf balls,
if not bigger. Its like God got really angry and decided to let her

It was so sudden - one minute there was sunshine and the next, it
started to become pitch black. Then the rain came. Then the hailstorm.
Then the strong winds and floods. I have never been so in awe of
nature in my life!!! Not to mention scared, cold, and exhausted all
rolled in one.

It's estimated that Perth sufferred over $1mil in damages. In a single
night. Thousands of homes without power and who knows how many
vehicles rendered unroadworthy.

If this is what God's like when he's angry...When God gets super duper
pissed off, what hope is there for us of survival???

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the bees of ninja said...

saw it on the news here! scariness aside, i always find the force of nature pretty awesome!