Muka Dua

Muka Dua or Two Face...how cool is that image?

I don't like to be a generalist but I think some cultures are more
muka dua than others. I don't know how some people can do it. I don't
know how anyone can be one way then be another way. In a blink!

Some people may call it flexibility but I call it duplicity. If I'm
not up to scratch, tell me to my face. If you think I'm doing
something wrong, tell me. If you've got something bothering you, for
God's sakes, just f*cking tell me. I'm not 6 and I have controls over
my facilities.

It kills me when someone is all smiley and stuff to your face but then
when you turn your back, they stab a knife in your back and twist it
round and round just to make you suffer. Wrong method of killing me.

Coz' I just get more angry. And I believe that revenge is a dish best
served cold. Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned, right?!

Now don't forget, I'm not dead yet. I can easily enough reach for the
knife, pull it out and stab you in the eyeballs and put the eyeball in
your mouth.

So there - eat that!

2 face, 4 eyeballs. Gruesome sight. Mission accomplished.

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