The W/H Series...Part 5

Road Trip
It's 9:30p.m. and we've just finished dinner.

"Why so late?" you might ask...well...we've just come back from a road trip.

"Why were you on a road trip?" Well, Pugly very kindly sent some tickets for us to stay in Margaret River.
(We've got something for you Pugly, just to say thank you. We're not quite sure yet how we're going to send it considering it has something to do with sex and chocolate...)

"Why on earth did you go on a road trip in the middle of the week?" Ermmm...the free stay ended today. That's what happens when you procrastinate.
But the road trip was amazing! Hubby & I have never been on a road trip together before....& although we were really excited about the trip, I'm too tired to go into details. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

So here's what we did...


The W/H Series...Part 4


Interview With The Terminator

I decided that for once, I was going to do a post that had not much to do with me. I thought that it was high time for me to not be so selfish and focus on someone else ("& the whole purpose of blogging is again?" I hear you say. Yeah well...the Internet wasn't primarily for the masses now, was it?) .

Anyway, getting back to matters at hand. When I was in secondary school, my friends and my brother's friends used to call my mom the Terminator. That's probably not the first thought that comes to mind when you meet my mom - she's short, small sized and looks pretty harmless. But my mom has perfected the art of 'If looks could kill...". (Plus, she was really strict with us! We had a friend who used to skip his Friday prayers and hang out at our house only to be berated by my mom. All I can say to that is "Padan muka" -
serves your right! This friend also stubs out his ciggies whenever he sees my mom. Now how's that for shooting a look?)

So...I rang my parents up and had a chat to them and then said to mom "
I've got some questions for you".

Questions for me? What is it for?"

Got-lah. You'll find out later".

& so now we begin...

Q: When did you get your first kiss?
When did I get my first teeth? Huh? Why do you want to know when I got my first teeth?
*line crackles* No, KISS!
Huh? Gigi? Spell it out for me!
K-I-S-S!!! KISS!
Ooohhh!!! Kiss. The day? Or how old? Ermm....22 - 23 like that-lah. I think it was 23. Why?
Me: Just asking.
(Can you imagine kissing at 22? Kids nowadays do it in their tweens!!!)

Q: When did you and daddy meet?
I met daddy when I was 20 years old.

I thought it was in secondary school?

Yeah, in secondary school. We were organising our round island trip.

(I can't even remember the first time hubby & I met!!! And it wan't even that long ago! I can tell you the year we met though!)

Q: When did you know that you and daddy were going to get married?

In April 1972. Ah Kong (Grandfather) told daddy to get married. But in December of 1971, he gave me a pen for Christmas and it already had Mrs. YLH engraved on it.

(I must talk to my dad about the idea of romance. Flowers, chocolates, diamond rings...Although...it might be a littl' bit too late now...)

Q: When did you know that you were pregnant with my brother?
When I started having morning sickness. I was only overdue by 10 days.

What about me?

With you, it was different. I only started morning sickness after 3 months.

(Figures! I always knew my brother could easily make one nauseous)

Q: When did you and daddy buy your first house?

Mom: Your auntie booked daddy a house.
I was too busy and she asked if I wanted a house and I said "OK".

What? You mean you didn't go pick a house?

That was the only house and it was booked for daddy before we got married. Last time the houses were very cheap. It was only $19,000 to buy a house.

(Should have bought more houses then! Ah hindsight...always 20/20 vision)

So? Any more questions?

Yah. Last one...

Q: When did you know that you wanted to become a teacher?

Erm...when I was 10 years old. There was a teacher that inspired me to be a teacher.
(And I'm still figuring out what to do with my life. Great, just great! What am I going to do with the rest of my life?)

So....what are you going to do about the answers?

Well mom...I'm not sure how you feel about having your answers in print. But here they are.


The W/H Series...Part 3

This song is dedicated to the one I'm missing very much...

My broken cereal/pasta/salad/multi-purpose bowl.

Where Are You Now?

by Janet Jackson

Love, my love
(You meant the world to me...I could use you for so many things!)
I regret the day you went away (I'm sorry I had to throw you in the rubbish bin)
I was too young to understand my love (It was barely 6 months into our relationship)
But now I understand my mistakes
(Should have never let hubby use you...)


Where, where are you now?
(The rubbish man came today...where has he taken you?)
Now that I'm ready to
(I'm still in denial I think...)
Ready to love you the way you loved me then
(I know you were loyal...and you tried so hard to please me)
Where are you now?
(I hope you're not squashed under someone else's junk)
Do you still think of me?
(I'm thinking of you...)
Or does your heart belong to someone elses
(Maybe this is your way of eloping with the coffee mug I broke a coupla months ago).

Love, oh my love
(I really did think the world of you...)
Wonder sometimes were you just a dream
(Ah...there goes my dream of having enough bowls to complete our dinner party set)
I sit in the dark
(Coz' my kitchen lights won't work properly...they're sad you're gone too)
Wondering if our paths (Although...how can you have a path considering you can't even move?)
Will ever cross again (Maybe you might be reincarnated!)
Oh Lord I need to know
(Might you be reincarnated?)
I sit and wonder (Or do all good bowls go to heaven?)

Repeat chorus

If I close my eyes
(I can still hear that fateful crack)
And make a wish
("Dear God, I wish I could have you back!")
When they open will you be right here with me
(*sigh* Still no bowl)

Repeat chorus

Could it be that two people were meant to be
(Maybe you were jealous of me and hubby)
In my dreams that's what I feel (So it was a nightmare for you to see us together)
Or could it be that I'll never see you again
(So you orchestrated the whole thing to make me feel sad! It was either you go or hubby goes...how could you?)
My love that was so true
(Oh, how could you do that to me?)
Still I sit here waiting all alone
(I feel so betrayed)
By the phone...for you
(But not anymore coz' you can't talk and good riddance to bad rubbish!).

(For those of you who think I'm crazy..."Welcome to my world, hope you enjoy your stay" *grin*. A bit of craziness never hurt anyone.)

Bye bye bowl. May you rest in pieces.


The W/H Series...Part 2


What's the craziest thing you've done lately?

Hubby & I were watching the 'Girl Next Door' DVD recently and on the show, the girl next door asks the main character "So what's the craziest thing you've done lately?". This guy is young, on the brink of graduating from high school but hasn't really taken any sort of risks in life. He thinks of doing stuff (but they always end up really bad in his imagination) so he ends up not doing anything.

This got me thinking...so what crazy things have I done lately? Did some painting of a house and polishing in a church recently...but that's more community service than crazy (although why anyone would want to spend a day doing it for fun should be labelled crazy!). Spent several hours straight watching 'Heroes' (that would probably be classified as being a couch potato but how can you NOT get absorbed in Heroes?). Cried bucket loads reading this book by Jodi Picoult called 'My Sister's Keeper' (don't all women do that sometime in their life? I believe if a book can move you to tears, it's worth recommending to other people).

The last crazy things I can remember doing were in my youth (makes me feel quite ancient saying that!). I remember driving my red littl' Kancil at speeds of 130km/h (and feeling my bones rattle along with the car)...I remember sneaking out with my secondary school friends, only to lepak by the side of the road opposite my house...I remember parking in an alleyway with my ex-boyfriend and getting caught by the cops. Oh, how can anyone say youth is wasted on the young? What memories would one have if not of their youth?

But now, I'm going to take a risk. I'm going to do something that I think is crazy...
I'm going to admit online that I had a crush on someone for the longest time. Remember, key word here being had, given that I'm now married and the only crush that I have is on my hubby...and possibly Keanu Reeves, but that's kinda different.

This guy was youthful yet mature. He made life seem more vivid, more vibrant. He made me think, made me wonder, made me break things down and analyze everything. He made me laugh (although sometimes, it was over really stupid stuff). He made me feel like a woman, made me think secret thoughts and made me wonder "What if..."

To him, I will always be greatful of the relationship that we had, of the way he made me feel and of the person I've become because of him. So T, thank you muchly for coming into my life. If you ever read this, I hope that you are well and that life brings you as much joy as you brought me. Be well my friend & go do something crazy.

I just did.

p/s - Wishing the beginning of April babies - KL, CSL, CSM, AY, SC, D & CTN - a very Happy Birthday!!!