I probably did a real stupid thing last night. No smart aleck comments welcome.

I've been hearing so much about earning cash online through doing
surveys for market research companies. It sounded like a good idea so
after doing some work last night, I went searching for these

3 hours later, I'd registered for a whole bunch of sites & been up
answering questions over and over again to gain points. Everyone seems
to want to know the same thing - who do you bank with, who do you do
insurance with, do you have a spouse/car/job/kids/pets?

So at 11:48 last night, I called it quits. My head was spinning
(bedtime was 2 hours ago!) and I felt really sick from being on the
computer that long, answering questionnaires. And at the end of it,
how much money did I make?


Yup. I'm in the red. How is that possible you ask? By stupid me buying
this pack that is supposed to help you get started with a list of
legitimate sites. And what did I get from the sites?

$1.50. And 8000 points.

Now where's this $50/day they mentioned?!?!???


Christian said...

You got scammed :P

naz said...

Aiyo, woman. If Lay Lan had done that, she would've gotten s good smacking on the bottom.

Psst, I have a bridge I want to sell you :)