Happy: Baby NinJa

I got to meet cousin Alannah this weekend...okay, 2nd cousin but who's keeping track? She gurgled to me and said hello! She's also helping Mummy and Daddy get used to the idea of a baby in the house. Daddy was surprised at the amount of time he has before I supposedly start crawling (*hint hint* Daddy, its not that long!!!)

Alannah's mummy and daddy brought me stuff...I have another board book now (Ten Little Fingers I think its called!), a toy and this thing that Alannah's daddy's mummy made. Apparently, she knitted it and its a sling to carry me in. Kinda like the one that Auntie Allie made...but just knitted. Looks too hot for summer...

I saw what Auntie Allie made me...it looks cool! I can't wait for it to come...*clap clap*


Jason's cousins were over from Sydney recently and we caught up with one of them for lunch on Saturday. They have a lovely littl' baby girl who's 9 months old and is forever smiling!!! She's so lovely and all you want to do is cuddle her!!! And she's such a good baby...her parents put her in her pram, gave her her bottle...and she went to sleep after feeding herself!!! I was gobsmacked!

And then we found out that his other cousin's wife, who's been trying to conceive for like forever (!) is also pregnant! She's due in May and is really looking forward to it.

Its so cool that baby NinJa is going to have cousins around her age (well, 2nd cousins anyway!)...what's not so cool is that they're going to be so far away! The time it takes to get to Sydney is almost the same as the time it takes to get to KL!!! Why can't they be closer to us?

I hope she doesn't miss out on having lots of family around here, just like how I did back home...


Funny: Baby NinJa

Daddy read to me for the first time tonight. He read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. Mummy handed it to him to read to me.

It was funny because he'd read a page & make comments & deviate then come back to the story. & continue...like an endless circle!

But I liked it, coz it made the story last longer & I got to know my 
Daddy a bit more. Plus it was funny in parts.

Love you Daddy! Can't wait for the next story!

Last fling!

Hubby's had his last big boys night out before baby NinJa arrives. It was a Sat filled with junk food, carbonated drinks & Halo Reach. & lots of testosterone. Hubby's not one to do things in half, so the house was turned into a play zone, filled with at least 4 Xbox360s, 4 TVs and areas for the guys to connect in & play.

I'm all for hubby doing this - I like that he gets social like this.

What I don't like is that he buys all this food & drinks, provides transport (come on man, you guys are old enough to drive! Be less of a geek & get a car!!!) and then doesn't get any help from the boys to clean up after.

I dunno...doesn't cut it for me, doesn't feel like true friendship methinks! It feels like you're using my good natured husband to have a LAN party & then just leave everything up to him. Especially when you know his wife is expecting! That's really poor form.

Plus most of them didn't have the courtesy to say "Hello"...and there were some with hygiene issues (can't be that hard to wash your hands after using the bathroom!). So thank God this isn't going to happen again.

Or if it is, I'm going to have to put my foot down because it's not on, my darling having to stay up til 3am to drop you littl pricks off then come home & clean up your mess!!! Let's see how you'd like it if the tables were turned!


Play! : Baby NinJa

Guess what?

Mummy & Daddy & me had lunch with Uncle Ken, Aunty Taryn, LeAnn che-che and Evan kor-kor. Mummy & Daddy wanted to catch up before they went to Singapore & KL.

Anyway, I digress.

Guess what they got me? A playmat! One of those that has toys that dangle from arches and make sound and stuff.

I'm quite excited. Just as excited to wear the t-shirts Mummy bought me today. One says 'Eco Angel' and the other has 'My daddy recycles more than your daddy' on it. Oh I'm really turning into a green baby!


As we approach the home stretch, I'm finding myself becoming increasingly tired & irritable. Patience is my enemy and snapping is my friend. No longer am I the placid, contented mother of 2 weeks ago.

I feel like an ogress, not the Princess Fiona kind from Shrek (although maybe a wee bit similar to Fiona in the last Shrek movie!) but close enough to resemble the nature of the ogress that people are supposed to fear.

Is it the hormones? Is it the carrying around of the baby? Is it the weather turning warmer? I don't know, but whatever it is, I'm sorry for my poor hubby. The more of a b*tch I become, the more of a Prince Charming he gets. & he's ever so patient with me that I'm sure he'll make a great daddy.

Just like how he's been such a great husband.

Love you baby...xoxoxo


Stickers! Baby NinJa

Ah Ma & Ah Kong bought me some wall stickers while they were here. Mummy & Daddy were choosing between farm animals and the circus and ended up with circus ones.

Mummy put them up today - I heard her ask Daddy to move the cot so that she could clean the wall then put the stickers up.

So now, I can look at giraffes and monkeys and lions and zebras and more when I grow big enough to understand about animals. How cool is that?

Very cool!

The clock is ticking...

Less than 7 weeks. That's what I'm tracking to at the moment. In a month and a half, a mini little version of me + hubby will enter this world and begin world domination (our world, that is).

People keep on asking me if I'm excited. Honestly, I'm more bummed out about this whole diet thing than anything else at the moment. Why?

1) I've never had to watch what I eat so keeping track of portion size and being picky over what I eat is a pain!
2) Having never been a big fan of blood outside of my body, having to inflict pain on myself & prick my fingers 4 times a day to test my blood glucose level is such a hassle.

But I'm sure I'll get excited when I get of work and do nothing but nest. And I'm sure it will kick in when we have the baby shower. And then it'll be big time excitement when I meet her for the first time...

The obstetrician says that I might get induced and have baby NinJa early. All because of the gestational diabetes. But that's okay - coz that means I'll meet her sooner. And that can only bring good things...So sit tight & I'll see you soon little one!