Sex: Baby NinJa

"It's a girl!!!"

I tried to tell mummy and daddy when they went to get my 19-week anatomy scan. I got a rainbow to appear in the sky when they were driving there as a sign...I think mummy got it. I think daddy was in denial.

Mummy told me to be good and to show the doctor whether I was a boy or a girl and I did...but then I went to sleep and got rudely awakened by the doctor with all her prodding and stuff of mummy's belly. So I sucked my thumb and rubbed at my eyes and moved a bit to get comfy again.

I hope mummy doesn't pinkify me...


bee of ninjas said...

no way is your mummy going to pinkify you!!! bubba bee won't let that happen ;-) bubba bee said she will have a word with you on how to handle your parents when you arrive!!

Izso said...


May says 1st kid a girl is good. Cuz she'll look after number 2. Boys don't.

izchan said...

Girls are the best.
They tend to bring back their husband's.

The boys never bring back the wife's.

** my personal opinion only **
** :P **

binx said...

hey ya babe...

welcome to the mummy club :)

NinJaMoo said...

Bee: I can so see how the both of them will end up Skyping with each other when they're older!

Izso: Dunno about that. My brother looked out for me so I think it's more around how you raise your child.

NinJaMoo said...

Izchan: Hahaha...not true. I've known cases of boys bringing back their wives & the wives getting their husbands to leave home! Again, all depends.

Binx: Thanks! & I can't access your blog anymore :(

naz said...

Could still be a boy you know ;)
Wee, can't wait to see your kid. Will you be back here after delivering?