Catch Up

Finally, getting to sit down and blog after a hectic 3 weeks...

What's been going on?

First, I had a work event. Not like a big big event, but still, sufficiently big enough for me to be working weekends and long days to get things up and running. But the end result was very satisfying. And the feedback from the participants was great - everyone had a great time and loved what we did.

Second, I organised a surprise party for hubby. My darling was turning the big 3-0 and at the spur of the moment (crazy, I know), I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. So lots of organising and getting friends to come but its great that everyone was so cooperative and we managed to pull it off. He was surprised, I was happy and we lived happily ever after.


So what's been happening this weekend? Baby window shopping. Ummm...that's not right, baby stuff window shopping! The first one made it sound like we went to the department store to pick a baby out...whilst funny, would have been totally weird to do that. So going around picking out what we think we need for NinJa. 4 essential big items and $2.5k or thereabouts later, I think it might be coming up to the time that I break open the piggy bank. Hmmmm...

And today, a spate of cleaning took hold of me and so I did cleaning this morning. Most unusual given that that's the last thing I think of doing any weekend (even though it needs to be done!) but I did it and I attribute it to this nesting instinct thing. *sigh* Nesting is bad...makes me sore after.

Oh well, I think its off to make some lunch now then perhaps end up convincing hubby that he needs to get down and dirty with me so that we can wash the furkids. Time for a good wash given that its 21 degrees at the moment...come on spring, I can feel you coming! Can't wait...


ninja of bees said...

have you tought of getting secondhand stuff? instead of spending £30 on a moses basket, we got ours from a car boot sale for £6 and that includes Zippy!

we did buy brand new pram and car seat... however... if i had to do it again, i wouldn't have bought the pram that we first did... even though it was a great pram... because it was just too bulky and in the end i bought a maxicosi mila pram... which could be used from birth and it comes with footmuff and maxicosi carseat adapters and was much cheaper than the first pram!

and... i have a great top for NinJa once Bubba Bee is finished with it. Would you mind a few hand me downs?

NinJaMoo said...

Bee: Yes we have. Unfortunately haven't seen a lot of good 2nd hand stuff. But got a 2nd hand playpen & bottle sterilizer from my cousin so starting the collection now ;)

Don't mind hand me downs but ONLY if you're sure you're not going to need it. You might want to keep for number 2 ;)

bee of ninjas said...

OMG!! you're planning for me to have a second baby already!!??!!

I have a few stuff i can send to you... and Bubba Bee has a special top that she thinks NinJa would love... just as much as she does... but soon won't be able to fit in!