Off with his you-know-what!

I get really annoyed when people act all nonchalant about a male dog misbehaving sexually. Yes, he may be an animal and yes, they have instincts but so do humans and they don't go humping anything that walks (most of the time. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule).

I was taking Kitt (one of our furkids) out for her walk (SAM was left behind coz' hubby couldn't come with me and with bub on the way, I can't manage 2 dogs) and because of her pulled muscle, was on the leash. We normally go to this field where the furkids have their furfriends that they meet and get along relatively well with (most of them anyway).

Anyway, we were halfway around the park when Kitt gets assaulted by this big American Bulldog. His name is Big Boy and usually SAM runs interference and distracts him before he can get anywhere close. Anyway, he ran up to Kitt and naturally, Kitt drops to the ground to provide the least amount of available area of attack. This mutt gets behind her, mounts her and starts humping away!!!

Now the owner of this dog is generally close by but on this day, he was on his phone and very distracted. Here I am, trying to pull Kitt away and get rid of his dog and he's sitting down, chatting away. A few shoos and tugs later, he realises what's going on and shouts at his dog. The mutt then starts rambling off towards his owner, reluctant to leave his prey.

After this whole ordeal, poor Kitt is cowering, staying close to me, and his owner doesn't even have the decency to say "Sorry". He continues on his phone conversation and when we pass says "Hi little doggy" repeatedly then continues with his phone conversation. In my head I'm thinking "WTF? Is that supposed to make my dog feel better? How'd you like it if that happened to you and someone said "Hey littl' man"? repeatedly?"

Oh it makes me so angry to think that he thinks he can allow his big, ugly mutt to come up to my poor littl' doggy and do whatever he wants to her. If that dog was a human, he'd be in jail by now. And if it were up to me, so would his owner! I'd have that mutt's instruments removed from his body and hung out to dry, and his owner's too right next to it. That'd teach them a lesson!


Izso said...

Your dog is in heat?

izchan said...

woooo ... mommy is angry.

NinJaMoo said...

izso: My dog's neutered!!! We did the responsible thing!

izchan: Of course!