My best friend in KL has found her passion outside of work. She's opened up her own littl' store that sells fabrics and she also does sewing of clothes and bags and lots of other stuff. I'm really happy that she's found something that she enjoys doing that she can make money from and am a littl' jealous that she can do something with her hands and be creative...but I'm more stoked that she gets to do something that makes her happy.

I still remember way back in Form 3 when we had to sew a quilted bag for Kemahiran Hidup (also known as Home Ec in the Western World). My mom can't sew for nuts and so her mom let us use her sewing machine to do this project.  I remember spending a few afternoons at my best friend's house trying to get this dang thing together - trying to get straight lines that would make the grade and end up with an end product that resembled a quilted bag. Oh what folly...we probably managed three quarters of a bag before we broke the needle on the sewing machine.

Oh what fun....oh what anguish! It was great getting to spend time together. But at that moment, never did I hate sewing more than back then...and so did my best friend. But now? It brings her happiness. Which is great. I'm happy to hear that.

So check out this page: Beverly Collection. Its her littl' spot and I'd like to support her in every which way that I can. And hopefully, when she becomes successful one day and does her magazine interview, this will be one of those fond memories that comes up in conversation that gets into print and immortalizes that moment forever.


Izso said...

Wow.. those are hand made? Not bad at all

n.a.m said...

thanks for the shout out liane :) love ya!

you have a compulsory visit to the shop on your schedule on your next trip back here ok! :)

hmmm.... since baby ninja's a girl... lots of ideas there... potential baby present in the works!!!

NinJaMoo said...

izso: I know right? Its pretty cool...especially if you had seen us sew when we were in school ;P

n.a.m: Dunno when we're back but will definitely pop in for a visit =) Then can meet no.3 too!!! =)