Mobile: Baby NinJa

Guess what?

I'll give you a clue. *Wheels*...

I'll give you another one. *Have wheels will go places*.

No ideas? I've got my own set of wheels now! So I'm all ready to go places *grin*. Grandpa and grandma on daddy's side bought me my ride. My bassinet changes directions and I've got inflatable wheels that go really fast and it looks really cool! Pity it doesn't come in red but it looks really cool and has a stand that rocks (literally! I can get rocked to sleep anywhere that stand goes - yeah!)!

Now...where to first...the park? The shops? Paris maybe? Who knows? Look out world, I'm zooming by soon!


Izso said...

Everyone has their own way to look after their kids. I'm not saying who's right and who's not, but I'd like to tell you my opinion anyway.

Rocking the kid to sleep will guarantee you sleepless nights for a few months to come. Why? Because Ninja will get used to it and refuse to sleep unless rocked. Try to get ninja accustomed to sleeping normally and all without the extra activities like rocking and you won't regret it.

ninja of bees said...

Yup, Izso is right... each parent has their own opinion.

Bubba Bee was in a 'buai' for the first nine months of her life and she loved it. but she was only in the buai during the day and in the evenings it's bed. i didn't get any of the swings and stuff... but you know what... anything to stop a baby cry works for me. if it's rocking they want... rocking they get. i try to vary with buai, normal bed, dark room, bright room, quiet area, noisy area... just to get Bubba Bee used to differnt scenario. but do remember... each baby has their own clock... they always get there eventually. just don't push them too much... they will get there when they are ready.

for when NinJa comes... enjoy your new wheels!!

naz said...

Red is faster. haha

Hope you've got a room set aside for the kiddies, they're gonna accumulate a lot of stuff soon :)
Good luck

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: No one's saying anything about rocking her to sleep (my mom might do that so you can go tell her off. I dare you) but I'd hafta agree with Bee - anything that makes baby stop crying works for me too!

Naz: So I hear! We're changing our study into a nursery and we've already accumulated a lot of stuff ourselves so this will be interesting!!! =P