Listening: Baby NinJa

"Shhhh....you have to be quiet because daddy's talking to me.

When mummy talks, I don't know if she's talking to me or not so I don't respond and do what I usually do...sleep, drink amniotic fluid, suck my thumb, kick around, push some organs...you know, normal everyday stuff.

But when daddy talks, because I know he's talking to me, I get real quiet. And I stop moving. And I listen...



naz said...

Of course, she already knows who to listen to hehe :)

Izso said...

That's cute.

And technically she breathes amniotic fluid, not drinks it ;P It's already in her system

NinJaMoo said...

naz: *blek* Undoubtedly!

izso: If you wanna get technical, she's not really 'breathing' ;P

Izso said...

Moo : Umm. Absorbing oxygen from the fluid that gets circulated throughout her body is 'breathing' per se no? Anyway.