Muka Tembok

Seriously - what's with that? How on earth did someone come up with such a colourful description that it illustrates what you're trying to get out straight away? Thick skin is undertandable...but stone face? Whoa, that's hardcore!

I love how the Malay language has such colourful descriptors (I know there's probably a proper word for it but I got home late and my brain's shut down for the day). This is probably a really bad topic to talk about given that I can barely think at the moment but surely there are some examples that people have.

But anyway...being the un-muka tembok person that I am, I didn't say anything to the boss. But used an email as an excuse to remind boss about the org chart structure. Which prompted boss to go..."Hmmm...where's that letter of variation for your position?"...which then prompted boss to check with HR and for HR to go "Oops! What happened with that?"

So the end result is that that promotion I was supposed to get 4 months ago is finally being put through and will be backdated...

So I guess I didn't really have to be muka tembok after all.

Is it an Asian thing or is it just an Asian woman thing not to rock the boat and ask for something that I deserve? I don't know. Need to learn to step it up and get what I want. But at least the 'Secret' stuff works - if you think about it hard enough and want it enough, the universe will conspire to help you.

p/s - Does anyone understand Chinese coz' I've got no idea what was written in the last post's comments...

pp/s - Thanks for the karate-chop offers guys! *hugs*

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the ninja of bees said...

Well... sometimes all you need to do is a bit of nudging. bosses are not perfect... or they won't need people like us to make the world go round for them.

eh... my favourite is 'syok sendiri'... is there an English equivalent?