Day 2

Ahhh...if only the formatting for my blog was fixed, then I'd be
happy. Granted, I don't know what it looks like on PC since I've been
living off my iPhone but even on my iPhone it looks seriously messy!

So...some groundrules.
1) If you post a comment, it won't necessarily be answered.
2) I will try to answer all comments in my next post. Sorry! It's not
that I'm trying to avoid anything but it's a major pain doing it on my
iPhone (I always trip up on the word verification bit coz the screen
isn't big enough)!
3) Don't feel that you have to hold back on any comments. 1st
amendment & all that jazz (I hope I got the right one =p).


Now that that's settled we can get down to the business at hand. Which
really is just stuff coming out of my head anyway. But I want to put
this down before I do my replies in the next post.

I've been at a work course yesterday, continuing into today. It's been
fun & I really enjoyed it. & one of the things we had to do for
homework was use one of the questioning techniques that we learnt the
day before.

So I did. & the results were interesting. We were supposed to go home
to someone special and ask "So tell me about your day". And then just
continue from there. Hubby & I had a full-on conversation from there
about his day.

Then he asked me "So how was your day?". Now normally I wouldn't
twitch but at this point I realised the difference between his
question & mine. & answered it accordingly. & the conversation stopped

I'm so mean!


the ninja of bees said...

so... how was your day? :-D

naz said...

There's a difference between the questions? o.0;;;