Monday blues

Did you know that most people die on Mondays?

I was supposed to answer previous comments but I'm going to
procrastinate and not do that on kids. We will talk about that a wee
bit later. Now, I think Monday deserves full attention.

Today has been so hectic, it's not funny. There was so much to do that
I ended up grabbing lunch at 3pm. *sigh*. How is it that we grow the
team & there still seems to be not enought time to do anything

Half of me wants to give up & find another job. The other half of me
calls that half a loser. How can I give up in such times of need? But
then again, how am I goin to have a life if I don't?

I've been promised more money but that has yet to come. I have been
told that a promotion is in the works yet I haven't seen it yet.
Should I trust that it will happen? Do I need to wait for the moon &
the stars?!?!???

I hate the fact that I have to do this. It totally goes against my
principles of humility. If I'm good, I shouldn't have to tell you. I
shouldn't have to ask.

Feels like being taken for granted. Like the dog who gets left in the
sun without food or water & is expected to look after the house. If
you're not looking after me, why should I look after you?


投癢癢 said...


the ninja of bees said...

aaaaaaahhhhh... the common agro of work. if you're not happy at work, no amount of money or promotion will make it worth it. trust me... your state of mind is more important than any job, money or promotion. it's easier said than done... but it worked for me... but hey... that's me. chin up moo. just let me know and i'll karate chop anyone for you!

Maggie said...

I second the ninja of bees.... I'll be right behind to karate chop that person too! *devilish grin*

naz said...

That's life, if u dont ask, u don't get. The boss will be happy to save money instead of giving a raise. Go and stone face a bit, ask for it :)