I'm reading this book at the moment that says no matter what, I need
to persist at writing. It doesn't matter what junk comes into my head
-I need to give myself the permission to write badly or well. No

& so, I'm going to try blogging everyday. I don't know how I'm going
to do this (surely there's not that many interesting things that could
happen everyday? I dunno...I guess it's mental training to get my mind
more in tune with my creative side) but unless you give it a shot, you
never know.

So...let's see if I can fulfill my blogspot title - MoO in Transit (&
in transit in more ways than one)...I'll keep you posted by
continuously posting (& if I fall off, don't make me feel too guilty).

Now that I have it on paper (haha! Cyber paper that is)...let the
blogging begin!

Ps - the book also said "Dont be an editor". Which means that at
times, you may get posts that don't make sense. I guess half the fun
of that is for you to figure out what I really mean!!! Heck, even
might join in ;)

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the bee of ninjas said...

yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back to blogsphere.

i've been reading a book too... it's called 'Baby-led Weaning' :-D