Syok Sendiri

Wow, NinjaBee has a real interesting one. Syok sendiri...really? Now I
can't for the life of me think how the word syok came into being. Syok
being the Malayzation (is that even a word? I was going to use
bastardization but thought that didn't completely fit although you
could argue that. But anyway, not something to discuss or debate now)
of shock I suppose?And everyone knows that sendiri is self or ownself
or one's self.

So shock one's self?

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I believe 'syok sendiri' is supposed
to mean pleasure one's self or for one's own pleasure. Like for
example "Syok sendiri dia saja - jom kita gi restoran lain" (Its for
his own pleasure that we're here, let's go to a different restaurant).
Now before we go into the lameness of the example, if you're not
clear, don't continue.

So...I'm going to throw this out there & say that the syok came from
self-pleasure & that that would create a 'shock' sensation. So then it
went from 'shock'...'shok'...'shiok'...'syok' (imagine heights of
passion and being unintelligeable).

Are you convinced???!?!

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the bee of ninjas said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! love your explanation!

it's a bit like 'perasan'... i think. 'eleh... ingat dia bagus... syok sendiri je'

i really love the Malayzition of words. my other favourite one is 'terror'... like 'Wah!Terrorlah budak tu... dapat 10A'. i never really get it. what's so 'menakutkan' about someone getting good grades?