Religion for sale

Holy toast!

Can you believe this? Virgin Mary on toast? I've heard about accepting the body of Christ but eating Virgin Mary? What has religion come to these days? Is this fanaticism or commercialisation of religion? What on earth was the creator thinking when he made Virgin Mary toast press?

"Gee...wouldn't it be great to have stuff on toast? Maybe Virgin Mary?".

What da...?

Sometimes I wonder what has religion come to. Living here in Australia, you don't see many people who practise their faith openly. Seems a bit strange to me when we are encouraged in Malaysia to have freedom of choice and encouraged to embrace religion and live it. Plus staying next to a mosque and having the place swarming come Friday prayers. Why is it that not many people do that here?

Everyday, I travel to work by train and I see lots and lots of people reading newspapers, books, magazines, textbooks, notes...but today, for the first time, I saw someone take out the Holy Bible and read it. I don't know why but I was 'touched' (even then, that doesn't seem like the right word) to finally see someone freely practising his religion. But think about it...one out of thousands (bearing in mind I travel almost everyday, perhaps millions)?

Someone once told me that once people stop believing in religion, it will be the end of the world. How far away are we from that?


izso said...

Bah. Religion was created by a bunch of people who wanted to control the masses at that point of time and didn't have a gun.

Either that or some Alien landed on earth and was misinterpreted as someone who died and resurrected.

Religion is for people who need something to believe in otherwise you blame their on sociopathic inabilities on society for treating them cruelly.

Besides, if you think about it, Buddhism is a way of life, Bible and Koran preach the same things. I was gonna comment more but I'll stop here.

I'm quite sure someone will try to fire me if anyone saw this. :)

Fire in the hole!

pugly said...

Think about it, Moo ... who wouldn't want the chance to eat the Great Virgin ... ?

Makes perfect sense to me ;-)

(I'm going to get lynched by humourless extremists for this, aren't I?)

naz said...

"Eat" the Great Virgin? I bet Pugly is a guy

NinJaMoo said...

Chris: All religions are the same and its only the people who don't know how to take responsibility blame stuff on religion.

Pugly: You make a good point...although...=Þ

Naz: Read her blog. It's in my list of links.

izso said...

Uh.. eat a religious icon who gave birth without sex? That's not something I'd look forward to. I'd rather dissect and find out what makes her tick and find out how it was even possible!

N.B. said...

Lil: Yup all established religions are the same, just which one you are comfortable with will be the main question.

Pugly: Haha, but eating the Virgin Mary is still mere crass commercialism. :p

Izso: Me thinks religion was never to control men.. only men wanted to control men. Blaming one's own inadequecies on other people or things (religion or otherwise) is pure human immaturity.

Danny said...

I believe that religions in their purest form are all the same. However along the way, men have interpreted the word of God in a way that was advantageous to them.

And it saddens me to see religions separates mankind. I would think that God would want all of us to live as ONE, and not as separate entities.

naz said...

Pugly is 31. Wow.
I wonder what it's like to be that old :)

pugly said...

Naz, definitely better than being 21 :-) All that so-called wisdom ... you'll know what I mean when you reach my age.

pugly said...

Oh, forgot to mention, I'm actually turning 32 this month :-) Yeehah!

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