Too excited for words!

Can you believe it?

No, that has nothing to do with me. But it's still exciting!

I just received news from a close friend that his wife is 4 weeks pregnant!!! Not to jinx things or anything but I'm so excited for him and I think it's just EXCELLENT news!!! Congrats Futos & family and we look forward to seeing Jr No. 2 (not quite sure when but I'm sure there'll be pictures before we see Jr in the flesh!).

& no...not my turn yet!


izso said...

wahaha.. I haven't heard anyone call him that in years. Yeah, Futos Jr. #2 coming soon!

johnybravo said...

moo: are you there yet? hehehe

futos said...

Thanks! I gathered from your e-mail that you were excited. Got 10,000 exclamaition marks :)

pugly said...

Am I hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet yet?


izso said...

not yet pugly. It's at least another 8 more months

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Hehehe...brings back memories doesn't it?

JB: NO, we're not there yet. Go look for your floss =Þ

Futos: Hahaha...can't help it! ;)

Pugly: Only Futos hears the pitter patter of tiny feet ;) and is looking forward to another set ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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