The Boy From Oz!

Guess who's going to see Hugh Jackman?

I still can't believe we got tickets!!! Granted, it's not the best tickets in the world (and I've got a big hole in my pocket paying for 3 tickets)...but I'm going to see Hugh Jackman! Live! In the flesh (minutely of course. But I'm sure it'll be projected onto big screen. But still...in the flesh). I can just see Pugly salivating *grin* I haven't started feeling really excited yet...but I'm sure as the date draws close (we're going to see the show on the 29th of September), there'll be more stuff going on about it and I'll start looking forward to it.

As it is, we've got Eurobeat and Swan Lake on Ice next month...talk about becoming cultured *ahem* *grin* Eurobeat is supposed to be a spoof version of Eurovision (I think it's like a European Idol competition....not 100% on what it's supposed to be) but I'm sure I can tell you all about it after we go for the show next month.

Oh what fun!!!


izso said...

You're gonna see wolfie in person? What ever for? Hmm.. Wolfie as in Wolverine from X-men btw.

Eurobeat. I was actually quite surprised to see Eurobeat as one of things you'll be seeing. Eurobeat in my dictionary is the creator / author of the ah-beng Initial-D racing car songs! Haha.. I love Eurobeat!

pugly said...

Three words.

I hate you

(Well, not really, but you catch my drift)

I wanna cry ... with gargantuan envy! Boohoohoo ... nak itooottt!!!

extrapale said...

hahahahah... kesian @pugly..

naz said...

zhao wei and jessica alba i know la. hugh jackson?

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Jason got some cheap tix from his staff club and it sounded funny so we're looking forward to some entertainment! ;)

Pugly: Muahahaha...*grin* buy a plane ticket and come over. You've got 2 months to save ;)

Extrapale: Muahahahaha...;)

Naz: You're a guy! =Þ Then again, Izso knows who I'm talking about...hmmm...;)

izso said...

Moo : I know Hugh Jackwhatsit cuz of Wolverine. Not for any other character and apparently he's real big in Australia being Australian and all.

Eurobeat.. I sure hope its some mindless techno show.. XD

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