Dolphin kick


I bet when you see 'dolphin kick', you picture in your head some mean-ass dolphin, tying a red band around his head and using his ummm...tail...to annihilate the ummm...bad guys (bad fish?!?)! (See, I can see this mean-ass dolphin in my head but when I try and describe him on screen, the poor dolphin seems like some wannabe fish who's trying to get into Hollywood!)

Anyway, moving on, that kick's got absolutely nothing to do with the mean-ass dolphin. It's this 'kick' I learned at swimming yesterday (rather, attempted to learn). The instructor was trying to teach us what we needed to learn to perform the butterfly stroke, which incorporates the dolphin kick to get you moving!

Oh, in vain his explanations were! The two of us were confused at what he wanted us to do. Clear as mud I tell you!

"You move your body like this" (and he's gesturing with his hands and doing what looks like the hula dance gone wrong).

And off we go trying to follow his instructions, only to have the both of us look like how fish do when they're out of water, trashing their bodies on dry land (only a thousand times less graceful). Did I mention I didn't move forward at all?

Mr. Instructor then says that we should do porpoising, which will definitely help us get the movement together. Even more gesturing and monkey jumping! You basically spring off the floor of the pool, jumping upwards and out, and then dive back into the water to touch the floor of the pool and stand up.

***Betcha can't imagine ME doing this! I couldn't either!!!***

And we're off again, this time looking like 'ikan bilis' frying on a hot pan. And while all this is going on, I'm thinking "I'm too old to be doing this".

So today, as I write this, I'm thinking of my aching legs and body (and ears! God knows how much water's gone into them...I needa get me some earplugs!) and not feeling the least bit excited that I'm getting older after reading Pugly's comment. Sure it's good to be alive...but growing older can wait another day.


naz said...

You're too old oredi la. I learned how the butterfly when I was 6 ;)

And don't worry, we won't be as old as Pugly for a long while yet. heheh

izso said...

WAhaha.. I learnt the butterfly too when I was probably 10 or something. But it's probably the most useless manuevre in the swimming manual.

naz said...

izso, if you do it now, would it be the butterfly or the whale? hehehe

sorry, couldn't resist :D

izso said...

Heh. I probably could swim faster than you'd sink.

pugly said...

Being `old' is only a state of mind.

I mean, I've met 40-year-olds who are more `youthful' than some 20-year-olds, & kids with a soul of a 100-year-old.

Naz is a good example. Here's a kiddo with a mealy mouth that is on par with that of a 50-year-old.


NinJaMoo said...

Thanks for your support guys *whacks Chris to death with my mouse and throws paper clips at Naz*

Pugly: The heart may be young but the body is growing older!

naz said...

he he he

danny said...

Chris: Whale? Hahahaha... :P

Moo: I don't think it's a good idea to swim butterfly style in public pool. You'll create a havoc because of the splashes, waves, etc.

Pugly: You seen any 60 yrs old doing wakeboarding or wall climbing?

NinJaMoo said...

Danny: It's not quite a public pool...during the weekend, they use it for classes and stuff. Besides...I don't think I'll know where to hide my face if I did it in a public pool! =Þ

pugly said...

Danny, no, but I actually know a 68-year-old who still mountain climbs. How about that? :-)