To be precise

I was thinking about my last post and what I said perhaps was not quite precise. Maybe I need to re-look at what I said about Australians. I suppose it was too generalist a statement to make. Not all Australians are like that...and I suppose the friendship offered is neither faked or contrived.

Perhaps the word I'm looking for is more self-centered/selfish. Some relationships are more "What's in it for me?" The gestures, comments, conversation... it's all 'me, me, ME!'. There's no lepaking just for the sake of being together and enjoying each other's company. Which is such a shame because that's the only time you get to talk about nothing in particular, make nonsense remarks and relax.

Today, we went to The Blue Mussel Restaurant to celebrate Crab's birthday. It was good to hang out with the gang and chill. Ate too much food and had 'Death by Chocolate' (Pugly, you would have enjoyed it! Layers and layers of thick, rich chocolate cake!!!).
It's Penyu Comel's birthday as well! Spent some time talking with her on the phone...she & Crab share so many similarities even though they're not born in the same year. They're both into food, are short, love shopping and are lots of fun to hang out with and talk about absolutely everything and nothing to.

So to my Crab and my Cute Turtle, I dedicate this post to you both. Wishing you both a birthday filled with happy memories, good food and close friends to remind you that although you're getting older, you're doing it with people who love you heaps.
& now...it's time for the sleepy NinjaMoo to moooove her butt and jump over the moon, and into bed. Nite all.


izso said...

That's a lotta work to go to bed. I just lie down. XD

As for australian bad habits.. not all are like that. I hung out with 2 dudes and 1 gal the last time I was in Australia and they were quite cool. Considering the fact I was there to take over their jobs and bring it back to M'sia.

So anyway, Death by chocolate? Aiyo.. show pics la. I love chocolate!

pugly said...

Death by Chocolate??! I'm dying just hearing about it already :-)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe my sister is blogging...

And for all your Malaysians who want Death By Chocolate, you can get it at Courtyard Garden, KL


Anonymous said...
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izso said...

Uh.. the cow has a sister? Or is this the cousin sister who's super shy about the fact that she has a boyfriend? :)

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Dude! That's my brother =Þ

Pugly: Imagine a sinfully rich and moist chocolate cake, covered with a layer of melted chocolate, topped with 5-8mm curls of thick, rich chocolate. I shall get a picture for you.

And I can't believe my brother can't be a littl' bit more creative and at least come up with a cool 'name' rather than 'Anonymous'!

Anonymous said...

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