Play! : Baby NinJa

Guess what?

Mummy & Daddy & me had lunch with Uncle Ken, Aunty Taryn, LeAnn che-che and Evan kor-kor. Mummy & Daddy wanted to catch up before they went to Singapore & KL.

Anyway, I digress.

Guess what they got me? A playmat! One of those that has toys that dangle from arches and make sound and stuff.

I'm quite excited. Just as excited to wear the t-shirts Mummy bought me today. One says 'Eco Angel' and the other has 'My daddy recycles more than your daddy' on it. Oh I'm really turning into a green baby!


izchan said...

I am actually waiting to see the baby make the postings with their little feet soon. :P

naz said...

see you in kl

NinJaMoo said...

Izchan: That would be interesting!!!

Naz: Not for a while leh...