Funny: Baby NinJa

Daddy read to me for the first time tonight. He read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. Mummy handed it to him to read to me.

It was funny because he'd read a page & make comments & deviate then come back to the story. & continue...like an endless circle!

But I liked it, coz it made the story last longer & I got to know my 
Daddy a bit more. Plus it was funny in parts.

Love you Daddy! Can't wait for the next story!


naz said...

Um.. baby isn't out yet right? By the way, that's how Daddy's read to their kids, it's the same way with me :)

Izso said...

Sing songs Moo! Reading books is great too! But sing songs! Lots of them!

izchan said...

Daddy also do paper cuttings to make little horses climb mountains and fight off trolls ...

oh wait ...

thats just me. :|

NinJaMoo said...

Naz: Really? Didn't know that...must be not doing it enough that's why!!! ;P

Izso: What did you sing?

Izchan: Hahaha...Isn't that for later?