Jason's cousins were over from Sydney recently and we caught up with one of them for lunch on Saturday. They have a lovely littl' baby girl who's 9 months old and is forever smiling!!! She's so lovely and all you want to do is cuddle her!!! And she's such a good baby...her parents put her in her pram, gave her her bottle...and she went to sleep after feeding herself!!! I was gobsmacked!

And then we found out that his other cousin's wife, who's been trying to conceive for like forever (!) is also pregnant! She's due in May and is really looking forward to it.

Its so cool that baby NinJa is going to have cousins around her age (well, 2nd cousins anyway!)...what's not so cool is that they're going to be so far away! The time it takes to get to Sydney is almost the same as the time it takes to get to KL!!! Why can't they be closer to us?

I hope she doesn't miss out on having lots of family around here, just like how I did back home...

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