Happy: Baby NinJa

I got to meet cousin Alannah this weekend...okay, 2nd cousin but who's keeping track? She gurgled to me and said hello! She's also helping Mummy and Daddy get used to the idea of a baby in the house. Daddy was surprised at the amount of time he has before I supposedly start crawling (*hint hint* Daddy, its not that long!!!)

Alannah's mummy and daddy brought me stuff...I have another board book now (Ten Little Fingers I think its called!), a toy and this thing that Alannah's daddy's mummy made. Apparently, she knitted it and its a sling to carry me in. Kinda like the one that Auntie Allie made...but just knitted. Looks too hot for summer...

I saw what Auntie Allie made me...it looks cool! I can't wait for it to come...*clap clap*

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