Whaddya have to lose?

On Thursday evening, I was offered verbally the PM role that I went
for. It was exciting news, except for the fact that they didn't come
to the table with the amount I was expecting.

The whole time, up until yesterday, I was dwelling on that fact. It
consumed my thoughts and all I could think of was 'I was getting paid
more on a lower position doing overtime!!!'

But then a wise friend asked me this question - "What do you have to lose?"

& that crystalised everything for me.

Nothing. I had nothing to lose. I had a new skill that I would be
learning. I had a new area that I could broaden my horizons into. & I
had his on contract so if anything didn't turn out quite the way I'd
expect, then it would only last for a year.

So today, today I'm going to say yes. & take that leap into the unknown.

& get my money's worth of knowledge, skills & experience.


the bee of ninjas said...

yeay!!! here's to a new start!

naz said...

Do you really want to go into project management? That's what I've been doing for a year, and you wouldn't believe the sh1t I go through. At least make sure you get paid well la :P

Silly cow... :)