Don't mess with Mother

Mother Nature that is!

Does the earth really have a soul? Does Gaia really exists? Is it
really lashing out at humankind due to our inabilities to look after
our gifts?

Or is this Nature's way of reminding us that we're human and that with
one sneeze (albeit a hot, lava coated one with some ash cough on top)
can bring to a standstill our measly activities?

Or, option 3...one that I think is more likely because I can't imagine
Mother Earth being hurtful. Maybe this is Her way of saying "I'm
sick". Maybe we're too busy with our everyday lives to take note of
the signs. Or maybe we're too selfish to care about anything else but

Maybe this is the only way She knows how to send an SOS...

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the ninja of bees said...

maybe it's just her way of renewing/rejuvenating herself. the last ice age (which is still going on at the moment due to the existence of ice on north and south pole) apparently there was a huge volcanic explosion that covered the sun and started to cool the planet down... so probably she's just cooling herself down a bit and just sending us a little reminder on who's the boss.