Nasi Lemak

Recently, I was really really missing nasi lemak - you know, the kind
that comes in a little banana leaf package with a slice of boiled egg,
some kacang, some ikan bilis, a slice of cucumber and to-die-for

Sometimes, I think of the nasi campur that the guy in the alley close
to my house does. It's a cart behind a row of shop houses that has the
most yummy fried chicken (which is so much better when it's freshly
fried) and all sorts of other dishes.

Putting them both together is like a slice of heaven. Juicy fried
chicken with a hint of rempah combined with fresh, creamy rice and
spicy, sweet sambal is something I really miss from KL.

*sigh* now all thats left is to learn the secret of making great
sambal and also how to make yummy fried chicken. Then find the
ingredients. Then experiment. Then make a mess. & pray that the meal
turns out.

Or just find a spot to get it all.

Anyone wanna sponsor me a nasi lemak inspired plane ticket? ;)

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