3 sucks!

If you're ever thinking of switching carriers, DO NOT CHOOSE THREE!!!

You'd think being a Singaporean company and all that you'd get value
for money. You'd hope for efficient and uninterrupted service. You'd
expect that the charges you pay cover everything, and I mean
EVERYTHING coz it's part of the service.

Nope. Nada. Zilch.

It may be a cheap plan but value for money? Nope - there are fees that
they don't tell you about. Uninterrupted service? Hahaha...that's
funny. I've had blips in both phone and Internet services. & does
complaining work?

$10 goodwill voucher.

WTF? I spent a good week not being contactable and you reimburse me
with $10 measly dollars? Take that $10 & put it towarda your customer
service training fund. You're so going to need it.

So if you're looking at Three right now? Don't. Vodafone or Optus are
so much better.

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bee never learn said...

guess what? i just joined 3 :-D