I want...

This is going to sound really sad but I want a pair of Doc Martens.

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Doc Marts were really
popular and all the cool (rich!) kids had a pair. My parents refused
to get me a pair, saying that my feet would still grow & so it would
be a waste of money getting them.

Fastforward to today. & I still want a pair. The only difference is
that we can now afford them. I can now afford them. So why I bought a

1) We have commitments (mortgage mainly)
2) We're saving to start a family (which ties back to item 1)
3) Do I really need a pair of Doc Marts over food? Amenities? Etc?

I guess this is the sign of becoming an adult. Knowing when it's okay
to say yes to some things & no to others.

Oh if only my mum knew this, she would have a fit - a laughing fit that is!!!


the bee of ninjas said...

waaaah... you're more grown up than me!! i go through all those question... and then be proud of myself for a day or two for not buying the thing that i don't need... and then buy it!

n.a.m said...


babe, you have so much more willpower than i do!!! i'd just think about it for ages and ages, then go out and buy it anyway!!! that's how i handle my handbag urges hehehehe...

how bout waiting till u come back here for hols and use your bigger purchasing power then? :) aww cr@p, but it'd be more expensive :p

naz said...

No need to save to start a family. Just Do It